Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Great Strides 2014

Charlie's first road trip! She did awesome. All of the kids did great. This was probably our smoothest drive to Utah yet.
Addie did a lot of singing on the drive. Here she is passionately singing Let It Go from Frozen.
We stopped in St. George for a couple of hours for a break. We had lunch with baby will. And then played at the local splash pad and river for a while.
Garrett and Addie are trying to remember to not call him Baby Will anymore, because he's not a baby anymore! It's so cute listening to them emphasize his whole name 'Willlll-YUM!' He is pretty yummy.

The trip was our annual May trip to Utah for the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser. We are four for four now and plan to attend every year and support our little buddy J until there's a cure for CF.

We planned to attend as 5K walkers this year. But a few weeks before the walk, when Charlie was almost 2 weeks old, I got a phone call from the head of the Salt Lake chapter. She was asking if I planned to do a sweets booth again this year to help raise more money. I immediately said no because I had a brand-new baby and we weren't 100% sure that we would make it to Utah. But as the event got closer, and we became more sure that we would make it, I decided I could probably pull it off again this year. We did a bit smaller scale booth, but we did it and had lots of fun! 

That evening we went to Matt and Dana's house (the parents of Garrett's little buddy who has CF.) This is the first time in the boys' lives that they've actually been able to play together. Garrett gets sick almost every time we go to Utah and so we have to keep him away from other kids. It was so fun watching them together.

Dana and I joked that we wish they wouldn't have had such a great time because then it wouldn't be so hard to think that it only happens once in a great while that we can all get together. 

On this trip we also got to see my grandpa and a couple aunts and uncles. As well as my Auntie and Uncle John. My Auntie is Charlie Raelene's namesake. They seem to have a special bond already. 

We barbecued for my moms birthday. 

Caught in mid-sneeze.
Seems like the only time these kids napped was in the car. We had a busy week! 
We got to go boating with uncle Dave. 

My childhood best friends (twins) own shops right next to each other. A tanning salon and a hair salon. Mandi did mine and Paul's hair and Brandi came over and visited. So great to see them both. 

And we got to see uncle Scott and aunt Laura's new home they are having built. 
The drive home was much quieter because we left Garrett and Addie there for another week! Paul and I had a pretty calm week, just us and Charlie. 

Addie wanted to feed Charlie before saying good-bye. 
I was nervous about leaving them, but they seemed happy to see us go. 

A little blowout break on the road. 

We had a lot of uninterrupted snuggle time with this little lady all week. 
I joked that the left is her morning 'oh no, the toddlers are coming' face. And the right is her face after I told her she was an only child for the week. 

And after a fun week in Utah, my mom flew these two home. I missed them! 

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