Saturday, June 7, 2014

Phone clean out.

I'm guilty of taking 10 pictures really fast and then picking the best one for IG or FB. My problem is that I don't delete the other nine right away and then I forget. This morning I woke up at 5:45 when Charlie woke up. When she went back to sleep I was wide awake so I started deleting. I deleted over 1200 pictures from my phone! Here's just a couple pictures I never posted as I try once again to get back into regular blogging. 

Poppy's Birthday party, a couple days before Charlie was born. 

Paul's cousin Rachel and her husband Matt. 
This is Devin. Paul's cousin's best friend. He's a pastor in Detroit. Garrett thought he was the coolest. And he was. I asked him if he'd come be our nanny. 
Happy Birthday Poppy! He was really hoping to have a new great grand for his bday. We missed it by four days. 
Farmers market. Walking through contractions. 
Our last dinner as four. Eating through contractors. Paul and I had a conversation during this meal about how it would be so long before we'd go to dinner as a family again. As if the third child would make it that much more difficult. We really thought it would... We have gone out as five several times and we hardly know the difference. More later about how somehow life seems less busy and challenging with three than it did with two. 

Evidence pictures that Southern California was experiencing constant earthquakes while I was in labor, up until just before I delivered, we were feeling them. Over 300 earthquakes the weekend Charlie was born. 
Watching grass grow. 

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