Monday, June 9, 2014

Mother's Day

The Friday before Mother's Day, White Emerson Mortuary partnered with the Whittier Pregnancy resource center and had a candle light service for the unborn child. It was for both families who had miscarried, and for those who were grieving after choosing to abort a pregnancy. I made food for the reception following the service, and the big kids were with their grandma, so after I got the reception room set up I sat in the lobby with Charlie and listened to the service. I was caught off guard by how emotional I got listening to a Chaplain speak about the three kids he's lost, two miscarriages and one to a terminal illness. As well as an employee of the Whittier pregnancy center who had gone through a long grieving process after aborting two pregnancies when she was much younger. I couldn't stop looking down at this little sleeping babe as the tears ran down my face. 
One of my best friends miscarried during my pregnancy and our babies would have been just three weeks apart. And another friend miscarried just before Mother's Day. I couldn't help but think of them and ache for them during this service. I lit candles for their babies after the service, wishing that it could somehow take their pain away, but I know it didn't. I don't know what it feels like to lose a baby. But it hurts to grieve for a friend so I can only begin to imagine. 

I would imagine Mother's Day tends to be a more tender and painful day for so many, rather than a day of celebration. I kind of wish it would just go away because all moms know that we never really get a break, and that's okay. But it's a hurtful reminder to so many who want to be moms and for whatever reason haven't been able to. I'm in full support of churches that honor all women on Mother's Day, not just moms.

Having said that, I had a lovely Mother's Day with my husband and kids. Simple, nothing too fancy. And I still did all my mom duties and had a nice day. 

Paul gave me new bathroom stuff for Mother's Day. I finally have it all put together and the old stuff out. I've had the little birds forever and I got the birdhouses this last trip to Utah. And a couple weeks ago I painted them all to match the new stuff. The old look was all lime green, black and white. I love the new bright colors.

The shelves are ikea spice racks. Only $3.99 each. The bottom gray one is hung upside down to make it a towel rack. I love them. I have three hanging in my walk-in closet too. And I want to get more for kids' book shelves.
I feel so blessed to have these three. They are my greatest joy. 

Even on the longest, messiest, most exhausting days (and nights), I'd always rather be doing what I do than not doing it. 

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Heidi Rogers said...

Beautiful post, Andrea. What a meaningful service. Thank you for lighting a candle for us. :)

Also, I want your bathtub.