Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 years

This is only a little over two months old/late.  I started it a couples days after our anniversary, and here we are two months later.  Oh well!
We celebrated 5 years of marriage on June 12th. We've had this hope of going away every year for our anniversary, even if it's just for a night. But this year, after several attempts to plan something, we didn't even manage to go out to dinner alone. But that's ok. Life is a little busy right now and we still had a nice day with our kids. 

This was the night before our anniversary at the park. 

I had a moment where I just sat back and watched for a couple minutes. And felt overwhelmingly thankful for all I've been blessed with these past 5 years. 

On our anniversary we took the kids to Knott's when Paul got off work. We had dinner at Knott's Kitchen. And during our meal these sweet old ladies came to our table to tell us how well behaved they thought our older kids were, and how impressed they were at how easy it seemed for us to manage three kids while eating out. It's always nice to hear words like that, especially since most meals it feels like I'm juggling three ticking time bombs with the occasional attempt to sneak in a bite or two while the food is still warm.

Most of our Knott's visits we don't make it out of the kids area, Camp Snoopy. But that's ok, because it's not like Paul and I would go on a ride together anyway. Garrett was full of funny faces that night. 

Our kids love Dippin' Dots. Ok, we all love them. We get them just about every time we go to Knott's. But before we decide to I guess in the past we've spelled it out just to make sure we both plan to. "Are we getting D O T S tonight?" Well Garrett has caught on, because before Paul and I ever said anything he said, "Mom, lets go get D O E S!" 

I love these people. Happy Anniversary Paul. I hope for many, many more!

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