Friday, June 13, 2014

projects, ideas, the never ending to-do list

We celebrates Father's Day with Paul's family early because of some travel schedules. We planned to go to the beach but it was during the time Garrett was sick and I didn't want him in the sun. Instead we just went to the in-laws for a bit to get out of the house. Paul made a scarecrow for his dad's garden and the kids and I made this sign.
I'm obsessed with Charlie's little foot print. It came out perfect and I'm jealous this sign isn't mine. 

Paul's parents gave him a new shelf for our playroom for Father's Day. It's just what I -I mean he wanted. Our playroom was in much need of an organization makeover so he ended up being happy about it. But all my little house projects got put on hold while Garrett wasn't feeling well so we lived in a jumbled mess for several days. But it's finally coming back together. 
I tried to take Garrett outside whenever he felt up to it because we were all going a little stir crazy. This fever was the worst because it broke once in a while and nothing else seemed wrong so G would want to play but he'd quickly get drained and then sleep for four hours and wake up with a fever again. Maybe I let him do too much but it got old after 5 days. And try telling a cooped up three year old no when he wants to go on a walk. 

Oh Charlie... No matter what the day or week is like she makes me smile. I tell Paul she's my living, breathing antidepressant. 

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