Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too busy to blog.

I wish being busy was the only problem I had with blogging. My computer is also not working right now, and maybe never again. I'm blogging from my phone which I hate doing, so we'll see how long I make it before I buy a new computer. So much to catch up on...

We went to St. George for a week with my family. 

We went to a fair that Taylor's work was hosting.

We spent lots of time playing with baby Will.

We played dodgeball.

We celebrated Garrett's birthday. Samira and Garrett share a birthday, and William's birthday is a couple of weeks later so we had a joint party for the three of them. 

Addie spent most of the trip by baby will's side.

Addie even got a birthday card from her great auntie so she wouldn't feel left out. It was a musical card and she played that thing so much I think it finally broke.
Baby will got new air Jordans.

Garrett loved the birthday cake I made for him, complete with a tunnel for his trucks to drive through.

We celebrated Sunday, but his birthday was on Monday, so we started the day with candles in doughnuts.
We went on a red rock hike.

Family pictures come so naturally to us four.

After the hike, the men went golfing and the women and the kids went to Swig to try their famous dirty diet Coke and sugar cookies. I like the Diet Coke but nothing else anyone tried was very impressive. Except Garrett and Addie liked the frosting. Look at Garrett's finger ready to attack.
William wasn't impressed either.
The next day we went on a hike at Zions.
That place is full of aggressive squirrels.

We went to Pirates Cove pizza for dinner. I wouldn't recommend it, but the kids had fun playing games.
See? Look at much fun Addie's having.

It was still pretty warm in St. George, so that made nighttime swimming the best.

Addie's sleeping patterns on this trip were completely exhausting.

She very much likes her own bed, and she wanted everyone to know it!
It was few and far between that she actually slept in the crib.
But somehow we survived...

And then it was time to say goodbye.

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