Friday, October 11, 2013

My first born is three.

Garrett turned three years old on September 23rd. As you probably saw in a previous post, we were in St. George with the whole Greenhalgh family to celebrate.

The weekend after we got back, his grandma and grandpa White had a Phineas and Ferb birthday party for him. Complete with a zip line for Perry to ride in. Meatloaf covered in blue mashed potatoes. Every Phineas and Ferb toy and party favor you could dream of.
As well as a Perry the platypus birthday cake, made by his auntie Annie.
All of his gifts were Phineas and Ferb related. A backpack, a T-shirt, a jacket, a piggy bank, a watch, shoes, stuffed animals, a football, a pillow pet... That Disney store has thought of everything.

And his Grandparents thought of everything! 

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