Thursday, October 10, 2013

According to the kids.

G: Can I have a bite?
A: No. All mine. 
G: You pooping right now? 
A: Yeah... You poopy?
G: No, poop in the toilet.
A: Baffroom?
G: Yeah.

G: My cook dinner. 
Me: Oh, you're cooking dinner? 
G: Yeah!
Me: cool! 
G: Don't touch my cookin'.

Me: Addie don't whine. Talk in your big girl voice.
G: Yeah talk big. Lulu talk a little one, I talk a big one!

G: Mom, are you sad?
Me: Yeah, a little sad.
G: (hugs me) You wait a second, I play with my toys real quick then come check on you.

G: I speak Japanese! Aw Choo!!… I'm funny, right?

Addie needed a little downtime, so I had her sit on my lap for a story. I started making up a story about a brave, strong, pretty little girl who loves her family, and her family loves her. She smiled, pointed at herself, and said, "me!"

Addie brought me a golf ball in a cup and said, "soccer ball, eat it!"

G: I can't pee standing up. My pee pee gets in my nose. (He's been peeing standing up since he said that and he hasn't had a problem yet.)

G: I peed the garbage can!
Me: What!? No!! Why??!
G: I peed like this. (He then took the pee stance and began swaying from side to side.) Sigh… Growing up with all brothers, I fear that teaching a boy to pee IN the potty is a lifelong struggle.

I was teaching Addie to properly ask for more fruit snacks.
Me: May I
A: May I
Me: Please have
A: Please have
Me: One more?
A: Two more?

Garrett's new thing when he doesn't want to go to bed at night is to keep asking "guess what?" There's never anything to guess.

I guess when I'm frustrated and trying to not let on when I'm asking the kids to do something, I call them sweetie. A couple of times now, Garrett has been trying to convince me to let him do something that I don't want him to do, and he ends his request with, "okay sweetie?"

P: Garrett, is it okay if I take a nap?
G: No, little kids take naps.

Addie's a curious little girl, she often asks, "wha-cha doin' there guys?"

Garrett came up to me and said, "hug me." I gave him a hug, and as I went to let go, he said, "a little bit more…" a second later, he said, "Squeeeeeze." Then we were done. 

We got a go fish game that's not cards, it's a fishing pole with a suction cup that picks up cardboard fish. There's items on the back of the fish, and one of them has an anchor on it. Garrett caught that fish and he held up the fishing pole and shouted, "look mom! I caught a hooker!"
Later that night Addie went for the pole and Garrett yelled, "No Lulu! Don't touch my hooker!"

When Addie says fork it sounds a lot like another four letter word that starts with F.
A few days ago at dinner, she was passing out forks, and she'd say with each one, "Fork you. Fork you."

Garrett was trying to explain to me that Mimi was making him hold still so she could comb his hair. He finally just yelled, "Mimi's making me crazy!"

Favorite words that Garrett mispronounces:
Jellyfish- Jell-O fish
Flamingo- FlingO
Sprinkles – sprinklers
Basketball – back sit ball

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Heidi Rogers said...

Adorable. And hilarious. :) I wish I could say that my kid was really saying "fork" that one time...