Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Project 365: 262-281

September 19- She's kind of dirty and she's kind of losing her mind. Addie doesn't do road trips without getting sticky from head to toe, and without losing her mind.
September 20- I cut 8 inches off my hair today. And for the first time in way too long you can't see any grays. (This is post hot tub ponytail hair so don't judge the style.)
September 21- Family dodgeball. It's a big deal.
September 22- We celebrated a day early with my whole family in St. George. My boy will be three tomorrow! He loved everything about his construction party, especially the cake.

September 23- And just like that, he's three.
September 24- The kids showing me some rocks at Zions national Park.
September 25- Dinner at Pirates Cove pizza in St. George. Don't ever go there. The kids took the race car video game very seriously, even though it was on the game over screen, the whole time.
September 26- Having a popsicle and saying goodbye this afternoon after a week in St. George.
September 27- I called Bapa White last night to see if they were up for grandparent day today. I wanted time to unpack, do laundry, and other general home from vacation housework. They've been gone for two hours and so far I've put a load of wash in and started catching up on the DVR. It's a lot of work.
September 28- Garrett was so excited that Paul finally put his new bed together tonight. This bed is quite possibly the worst decision we've made as parents thus far. The mattress is too deep so it comes to the top of the safety rail. I wouldn't mind if the bed wasn't 4 feet off the ground. The whole thing turns over to be at normal bed level so we'll probably have to do that even though I was looking forward to the extra floor space. But for now he's on the mattress under the bed frame. Addie is so jealous that she refuses to go to sleep and she's been screaming in her crib for almost an hour. Garrett was so excited that he did a running dive onto the mattress and his head nailed the wall and he started screaming. I had to lay with him until he was almost asleep, and now Paul is back consoling Addie who at almost 2 years old, can't believe she still doesn't get top bunk.
September 29- Apple tasting for breakfast. Eight varieties, along with cheese slices, peanut butter, and caramel for dipping. It's amazing how different they all taste, especially when tasting one right after another.
September 30- I'm overwhelmed with stuff. Time for a yard sale. Today I held up approximately 78 stuffed animals and asked the kids with each one "keep" or "get rid of." They each said keep approximately 78 times. They won't even miss the more than half that I said get rid of.
October 1- Can't wait for these to turn orange. Tangerines fresh off the tree are the best part of California.
October 2- The best thing about having kids close in age is they can share clothes. Not really, but he did wear her pajamas to bed last night, and those are his shoes.
October 3- Garrett just probably walked in wearing his helmet that he had from about nine months old till just over a year. I found it a couple of days ago well de-junking. ... I was at a conference with Garrett once when he had the helmet, and a man came up to me and started asking what kind it was, how long he'd be in it, etc. When I finished answering his questions he went on to tell me that his now 12-year-old daughter had one when she was a baby. He went on to tell me that he and his wife intentionally never took pictures of their daughter wearing the helmet, and when she was "graduated" from it they threw it away and have never told her, and have no intentions of ever telling her that she once wore one. ...WHY??... I don't get it. It wasn't a great four months, but it wasn't bad. And it's certainly not a chapter of our lives I'd ever erase. He was just as cute in the helmet as he is now!
October 4- Just finished de-junking the entire house. Turns out we have plenty of stuff to do one of these tomorrow.
October 5- We had to have some fun today after Yard sale day. (Selling, not buying.) Chinese food and a fun little pumpkin patch.
October 6- Mimi's working on a quilt, and Garrett decided he needed to get his play iron and help her.
October 7- I sold Addie's dresser at the yard sale Saturday. Thought we could do without for a while, but I realized later that we still kind of needed one, and I wanted to bigger one than she'd had. We found the perfect fit for her tiny room. (Not the one in the picture, it's ugly. They just liked marching around it.)
October 8- Our afternoon snack is usually grapes or apples, or cheese and crackers. Something semi-healthy. Today it was ice cream. One of those days.

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