Friday, October 18, 2013

Project 365: 282-290

October 9- Addie's been jealous all day but Garrett is potty trained and she's not. But don't be fooled, this doesn't motivate me to potty train her. She won't actually go, she just wants to sit there all day. And when I make her take a potty break, (a break FROM the potty), 30 seconds later she needs to "go 'gain."
October 10- It was fine with me that these two wanted to walk me in the airport today. And Garrett pulled my suitcase the whole way. I'm about to board an airplane with no husband and no kids. This is a first for me since having a family! I'm going to miss these two, but I'm so excited for a long weekend away. And thankful to Paul for booking me the ticket and watching the kids alone for the next four days! 
October 11- The World of Coke in Atlanta Georgia. Pretty much the coolest museum honoring a soda that I've ever been to. (The only one I've ever been to.)
October 12- A plantation home in Roswell, GA. I'm loving it here. Such a charming little town.
October 13- It's really blurry, but I got a quick shot of the kids seeing me tonight at LAX after four days away. They were pretty excited, and Garrett brought me flowers. I had the best time in Atlanta with Mara and Aron. I didn't want to leave, but happy to be home, too.
October 14- The kids enjoyed their Atlanta souvenirs today. Coca-Cola shot glasses full of milk, and green T-Rex cookies with pink sprinkles.
October 15- Addie fell into a planter box in a parking lot today on the way into the doctor. Her face hit a tree stump. ... "Yes doctor, my children are always closely supervised and cared for...what made you ask that?"...
October 16- Garrett has Addie pinned. But he looks like the one who's struggling to break free. Black eye. Missing tooth. Badass. I'm so in love with her (and him.)
October 17- Monster pumpkins.

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