Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mimi's Visit

My mom's days and weeks keep getting busier as the holidays get closer. And she wanted to come out for some downtime with the kids.  Her visit came at the perfect time because it coincided with the time that we wanted to have our yard sale. It was nice to have her distract the kids while I sorted through rooms and closets, and took loads of stuff to my in-laws house where we had the sale, and then stay home with the kids while we were selling. By the way, I was happy with the outcome, especially considering that my initial plan was to just drop everything off at the Goodwill. We made $600 on stuff we didn't need anymore.

We also found time to relax together and do a couple fun things, too.

As the firstborn grandchild, Garrett has always had the spot as Mimi's number one sidekick. But Addie is working hard to claim that title.
Our local Stater Bros grocery store has this fun pumpkin patch right in the parking lot all month long. We went several times last year, and we'll probably go more this year, too.
Ironing fabric for a quilt together.
A picnic at the park.

Frosting, decorating, eating Halloween cookies.
Addie loves post-bath "Nakey time." Fortunately she left her towel on for the picture.

It's always nice having Mimi in town, and the time always goes too fast.

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