Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Themes: Bug Week

This was a fun week, but mostly because we didn't do anything involving real bugs.  I hate bugs and don't have much of a desire to learn/teach about them.  But the activities we did were entertaining and I didn't have to touch/look at real bugs.  Win win.

We made coffee filter sun catcher snails.

We had worms in the dirt for dessert.

We made firefly jars with glitter and glow sticks.  Not as cool as the pinterest tutorial, but the kids didn't know the difference.  And that night they each went to bed with a glowing jar on their shelf.

I made fruit caterpillars for a snack.  Garrett admired his as though he appreciated my efforts.  Addie promptly decapitated hers and devoured it.

We read some Eric Carle books about bugs.

We went on a bug hunt outside.  I bought plastic bugs for this because I wasn't up for hunting real bugs.  It was like Easter.  The kids loved it.  I bought the bugs and hunting gear at the dollar store.

Pre-hunt excitement.

 Addie was not interested in getting this one off the tree.  I guess I made it look too realistic.

 Garrett loved picking them up with the tweezers, then putting them in the net, then dumping them in the cage.  The cage has breathing holes and a built-in magnifying glass, and the tweezers and net came with it.  All for a buck.
 Checking out all their finds.
I think Ocean week is up next.

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