Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Underwear Adventures

It's been two weeks since we started "Official" potty training.  I use the term official lightly because the reason we started was because I was changing Garrett one morning when he woke up and I opened the diaper cupboard in his room and it was empty.  I was too lazy to walk to the living room to get the new case of diapers, so I put him in underwear with plans to put a diaper on as soon as he had an accident.  But he had a great day, and the first accident didn't come till around dinner time.  So we stuck with it.  Day one, one accident.  Day two, two accidents.  Day three, three accidents.  And day four until now, day 14, we've only had two accidents.  And knock on wood, never a messy one.

I'm not so optimistic to say we're there.  I'm expecting some sort of relapse.  Maybe next week when my parents are in town, or next month when we take a week long vacation.  And I'm sure it'll take a while for me to stop planning shopping/walks/park trips around where the potty is/how fast we can get home.  But for now, I'm feeling pretty much there.

There were no timers, no jar of M&M's on the toilet, no incentive programs.  One of the perks of waiting till he was almost three, I suppose.

I did make a chart to use the stickers that came with his toilet, but he couldn't care less about filling it up. He got a sticker every time he went without me asking, but he only put stickers on about a third of the time.  Last night I pulled it out again and asked if he wants to go pick out a new toy when it's full and he said he'll stay home and play with his play room toys.  And I've only given him one prize for a full row and that wasn't that cool either.
He still wears a pull-up at night and most naps, but hopefully we'll be done with that soon, too.

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Heidi Rogers said...

That is awesome. And your perspective is great. I think Langdon was ready when we started, but I did not think it was going to be such a long process, where we'd have "off" weeks of poop accidents and ones where he just fights us every turn. We STILL use jelly beans as motivators to get him to do the whole process himself now. And we just now started putting him in undies at night. *sigh* But it's nice that is mostly just keeps getting easier in that regard. Good luck!