Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Themes: Farm Week

This week was all about farms and farm animals.

I bought two wooden barns at Joann's for a couple bucks and let the kids paint them.  We also had a little wooden fence that Paul's mom made for something and then gave to the kids.  Painting is always messy, but the kids love it, so we do it...once in a while.  After painting we played with farm animals.

I found these farm stickers for 50 cents in a Micheal's clearance bin.  I drew a couple barns on white pieces of paper and the kids went to town and created these tornado-like farm scenes.  They LOVE stickers.  This was one of the faves of the week.
We had a picnic at a park by our house that has a free little farm/zoo area.  We saw ducks, bunnies, roosters, turtles, goats, horses...  Turtles and roosters were the fave.

The kids 'slept' on the bench until the roosters woke them up.

Garrett got this Little People farm for Christmas, but we put it away for a while to not have too many new things at once.  We pulled it out this week to play with it.  It's really cute and it makes farm animal noises. Addie's at the perfect age for adorable animal noises.

More painting and gluing.  Horse hand prints, and water color animals.  Garrett loved the hand prints.

 They both loved the animals I came up with using our paint splotches.  This one was my fave.
We read Otis books.  I love the illustrations in these books.  The kids enjoy them too.

Garrett and I baked blueberry muffins one morning.  Not very farm-y, but we used barn cupcake liners, so we called it a farm activity.

We also went to a farmers market, but no pictures.

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