Monday, August 19, 2013

According to the kids.

Garrett lately...

What's Sisters name?  Lulu or Luschki
What's your name?  Garrett or Gargit
What's dad's name? Paul White
What's mom's name? Mom White

Addie was fussy as she was going down for an early nap.  Garrett heard her through the monitor and said, "Mom, you wait here.  I go check on Lulu."

The White grandparents live in the next town over, but it's easy to get there, down one road, turn left, turn left, and we're there.  When we get to the right streets, Garrett has started saying, "turn left, Sparky!"  Yesterday, Paul was in the left turn lane and I said, "Where do we turn?"  Garrett pointed and said, "here."  I said, "do we turn left or turn right?"  And he said, "turn right here!"  To which Paul responded, "Aww, son, you have found one of the many flaws in the english language."

He checks his poop in the toilet and says what it looks like:
-ice cream
Yuck.  I know.  Boys are gross.

It happens nightly that he asks if he can sleep on the couch or sleep in our bed.  Neither of which he's ever done.

I was hurrying him through a store, telling him we needed to get home to go to the bathroom, to which he loudly responded, "Did you pee in your underwear?"

He was begging to go to the play ground at the beach and I kept telling him we didn't have time.  He finally said, "I go to the play ground mine self and say, Hiiiii Kiiiiids!"

He calls all of his toys, whether it be trucks, trains, stuffed animals, etc. "These guys."

Addie Lately...

I don't remember the last update I gave on Addie's talking, but here's what I remember as of late.

She'll repeat any words we ask her to say.  Sometimes it comes out right, other times, not so much.

Some usuals:
-chocolate milk (but she says it the same wrong way Garrett used to) cha-led a led a muck
(Pretty sure Garrett had a hand in those last two.)

Paul plays hide and seek with them at night and when she can't find him she comes to me and shrugs her shoulders and says, "Dad go?"

She's been walking around chanting "ABCD."

When we're eating something she wants, she says, "Some. Some. Some."  or "This, this."

When Garrett goes to use the potty she always announces, "Go baff-room."

Whenever she sneezes she shouts, "Bless you!"
When Garrett sneezes she shouts, "Bless you Garrett!"
When anyone else sneezes we get a bless you about half the time, the other half she repeats, "Ah-choo!"

She hates when the sun hits her in the car, she lets out a whiny, "Sun! Mom! Sun! Gases, Gases!" (glasses)

She can hear a bus from a mile away, and she puts her hand up to her ear, and yells, "Bus!"  She does the same with "Plane!" and "Truck!"

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