Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Strides 2013/Mom's 60th

Here are the original reasons for our trip to Utah.  We're thankful it happened to all fall at the same time so we could be there with my brother and his family.

Great Strides 2013 was a success.  It rained the whole time, but the supporters still came.

CFers have to eat a high calorie diet, so we did a calorie guessing game with some of the stuff we were selling.

My whole family (minus William) came to the event.  They were a big help!

Garrett and Addie hung out with my mom inside the ESA before things got going so they could stay dry.

 We love this little guy.
 We love his parents, too.

The next day we had a luau birthday party for my mom at Dave's house.  The rain cleared up long enough for us to set up some blankets and games outside, and then it came back just as they started eating.

We used sand buckets to serve from, and I didn't even see it on Pinterest first!  Every once in a while I have my own idea.

Just before the rain hit.
My brother and sister in law picked up a Costco cake.  I was too tired to bake again.  It had huge frosting flowers on it, but Dave and Laura worked so magic and turned it into a fish/beach cake.

Addie couldn't reach the drink dispenser, so Garrett would put a little in his cup, then carefully pour it into hers.
I don't know why we're holding that blow up palm tree.

 Garrett and Uncle Scott.  The limbo champs!

 My grandma's marker got put in just before we were leaving town, so we stopped by to see it.  We also found a minute to stop by The Wood Connection and SereniCare.  Oh, and Curry in a Hurry.
 Addie hit the 18 month mark on this trip.  I'm hoping it was a turning point for her road trip drama.  The drive home was much better than the drive there.  We made this pit stop at Bass Pro Shop in Vegas.

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Dana said...

Tears in my eyes. I love you guys.
And, that pic of me and you? We're totally separated at birth. And, that pic of you and Paul? I feel a little awkward about the palm tree. Just sayin'.