Monday, May 13, 2013

Project 365: 127-133

May 7- See that piece of mail?  I'm being summoned for Jury Duty.  Hoping my full-time caregiver excuse gets me out of it!
May 8- It's not really a black eye. but it's definitely a conversation starter.  She took a running dive at an office chair and the scratch on the end of her nose came along with it.
 May 9- I headed to downtown LA at 5:30 in the morning to be at Jack's when they opened at 6:00AM.  I needed some candy to finish our booth for Great Strides.  It's a good thing I knew what I needed and I was in a hurry because wholesale candy and toys?  Yeah, I had like 4 themed birthday parties planned in about 30 seconds.
May 10- I got an early Mother's Day delivery.  Flowers and a snow cone with vanilla ice cream on the bottom.  So good.  Reminded me of hot days in Hawaii.
May 11- Snacks and drinks for two exhausted, dirty kids.  We had a successful kite flying afternoon at the park with friends.
 May 12- Just a regular Mother's Day dinner with the in-laws.  Moms at for free!
May 13- No, we're not moving.  I'm working like crazy to get everything packed up for Great Strides in SLC on Saturday.  We've had a change of plans and we're leaving tomorrow morning instead of Wednesday night.  My nephew was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center this morning.  We're praying for answers and that he'll get the help he needs.  I just need to be with my family right now.

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