Thursday, May 23, 2013

The third reason we went to Utah last week.

We went to Utah last week for two reasons.  It turned into three reasons, which is why we were there twice as long as we'd planned.  But originally we were going for Great Strides on Saturday and my mom's birthday party on Sunday.  And the two times it rained the whole week, happened on Saturday and Sunday.  Not all day both days, just during the exact hours that the events were planned.  So annoying, but it all still worked out well.  I usually do a day by day, step by step travelog of our trips but it bores me so I can't imagine what it does to readers.  Anyway, I'm trying to get away from that.  So for this trip I'll just say, if I wasn't working/prepping for an event/party, I was at the hospital or asleep.  The asleep part didn't happen nearly enough.  Neither did the hospital part for that matter.  It was a lot of work!

The third reason we found ourselves in Utah a few days early was because my nephew William had a rough week.  He spent a night in the Dixie regional ER, then spent a few days back in the NICU, and after a few days of not getting better, he was life flighted to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City.  There were (and still are) doctors all over Utah studying that kid and trying to figure out what's wrong.  His main (diagnosed) issue right now is still Pulmonary Hypoplasia.  But the biggest problem still remains undiagnosed.    He's still at Primary Children's now with no for sure discharge date.
 Cookie sheets and bungee cords so the trays stay in place.  Great for snacks and magnets/coloring in the car.

 Happy little dude, even with all he has going on.
 Lunch at the park before heading back to the hospital.

 The kids were so happy to see a fish pond at the hospital so I told them we could stop and look at it after our visit.  When we came out to leave, the pond was being de-fished, and de-everythinged.  The hospital is under major construction and the pond will be no more.  Fortunately, the pond guy was really nice and took time to bring the bucket of fish over and tell the kids all about them.  (The fish are going to a good home. I asked.)
 Addie's legs...sigh... Some bruises. Mostly dirt.  She's my adventurer.
 Garrett had a rough morning at the PICU when he learned he was too young to go see Baby Will.  But by that evening Will was stable enough for a regular room.  Garrett was so happy when we told him and we went back that night so Garrett could see him and give him a gift.

 Great-grandpa came with us.  We overheard him get a little emotional and ask William if he talked to Grandma before he was born.  She passed away about a month before he was born.
 The three kids back together again.
 Addie was cautious, yet curious.  She didn't take her eyes off of him, but sometimes it was from a distance.  I imagine it's scary for a child to see a baby so hooked up with tubes, cords, and tape.  Fortunately, it doesn't phase Garrett.  He just asks if baby Will is still sick or if he's all better.  Garrett overheard me a few days earlier talking/crying on the phone about all that was happening to William.  When I got off the phone he just looked at me for a minute, then said, "No more sad, Mom.  Baby Will better soon."
 The neighbors tree house.

 William meeting his great-Auntie for the first time.  I remember Garrett falling asleep on her just like this the first time they met.
 Story time with Mimi.
 Poor little guy was constantly being poked, checked, and looked at/talked about by new people.

 Baby Will couldn't make it to my mom's birthday Luau, but I had an outfit for him and his Mama dressed him in it.
 Garrett's good-bye before we had to go home.  "Bye-bye Baby Will. Sleep good. Love you."
The original reason(s) for the trip coming tomorrow.

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Heidi Rogers said...

Your kids are so sweet. I will be praying for Baby Will.