Monday, May 27, 2013

Project 365: 134-146

May 14- We made it to Salty Zion.  I dropped Paul off in St. George kinda last minute to work on Taylor's car and drive it up later.  So for the last five hours it was just me and the kids.  Addie would only not cry if I was singing and Garrett would only unplug his ears if I was not singing.  He finally yelled "no more sing-a-song!"
May 15- In the PICU at Primary's.  I waited as long as I could to tell Garrett that his cousin was there but that he was too sick to be able to see him.  When I told him he started crying.  He cried out, "Me go see Baby Willlll!"  I picked him up.  And for the first time while in a public place I didn't shush him or try to quiet him down.  I just let him cry.  He needed to cry.  I let him be sad.  He gets it.  I love his heart.
May 16- I realized how much had to be done before Saturday.  Around the clock makin' and bakin' has begun!
May 17- A cupcake is the perfect way to end a 5K.  Finally ready for Great Strides.  Rain or shine!
May 18- Great Strides was a soggy event but it didn't stop the supporters.  There were more than double the people this year and we made more than double our investment.  We were happy about it and had so much fun!
May 19- My mom turns 60 tomorrow and Garrett wanted her to have a beach party.  I added a little luau touch, and even with the rain we had a great time.
May 20- Paul and I had ice cream for dinner.  And also, I noticed, and missed the mountains more on this trip to Utah than I have before.
May 21- We stopped in St. George for lunch.  Garrett wouldn't eat because there was a baby frog jumping in Uncle Taylor's grass and that's way better than food.
May 22- I always takes us a couple days to bounce back from a busy trip and a full day in the car.  Today was pajamas, sidewalk chalk, naps...and we called it a day.
May 23- You know it's been a while since you've had one on one time with your spouse when a Funeral Directors/Hospice Caregivers Transitional Care Task Force meeting feels like a date.  But I did learn all about helping families seamlessly transition their loved ones from the care of hospice to the care of the funeral home.
May 24- Sister can think of about a million things she'd rather do than go to the doctor.  "It's ok Lu."
May 25- We went to a Cars themed birthday party.  The kids could hardly control their excitement when I made them stop playing and come try out the cars I made for them.
May 26- The in-laws have been building a huge fairy garden in a section of their yard and the kids love it.  So I told Garrett we could make a mini version at home.  We picked up some plants and miniatures and last night and today we worked on them.  This is the gnome one. We also made a fairy one and a dragon/castle one.  Garrett is so proud.  And I'm kinda loving them too.

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