Thursday, May 9, 2013

According to the kids

This will be boring to most, but one day I'm sure I'll love looking back at these posts, so it's mostly for me.

Garrett lately:

He likes to eat quick and get back to what he was doing, so after a bite or two at every meal he announces, "me almost done."
He hates going to the store.  When I tell him we need to go, he tries every option-

-"Me stay wiff Lu"
-Lu's going with me."

-"Me stay wiff Dad."
-"Dad's at work."

-"Me stay home."
-"You can't stay home."

-"Me stay self."
-"You can't stay by yourself."

Then when we get to where we're going-

-"Me stay car me self."


I made the mistake once of telling Garrett that the tv in our car was broken because I didn't want him to watch it.  Now he constantly asks, "Big TV broke?" "Baby TV fixed?" Etc.

He's such an excited kid.  Lately I've heard him, as he's building something with blocks, or, yesterday, he was running down the hall to get me to come see something he fixed, he chants, "A wee hee, woo hoo!"

He's also started acting surprised about everything.  Even if he hears me come into a room he'll look up and say. "Oh! Hi mom!"  Or if he watches me pour him a cup of milk, I hand it to him, and he says, "Oh! Thnaks Mom!"

"Me poop all day."
"Lulu toot all day."
(Fortunately, these two announcements haven't been true, but he says it a lot.)

I thought I had a sweet kid who skipped the defiant "NO!" phase, but it's here.  Fortunately, he usually giggles at how loud he can yell "NO!" and his laughing makes him forget why he was saying no. (for now anyway.)

Addie lately:

She'll be 18 months in a week, and here's the new words we hear from her all the time now:
-MilKK (really strong K sound)
-Bottle=Ba-bow (We're working on ditching the bottle, which was a challenge with Garrett around this age, too.  There's only one kind of sippy cup she'll take.  Anything else at this point she'll take it, then hand it right back and say, "Done!")
-Love You=Ya You
-Oh! Almost! (She loves playing ball with G, and we hear "Oh! Almost!" a lot from both of them.)
-Shoes (She puts on my shoes, Garrett's shoes, tries to get her own shoes on.  She always wants to be wearing shoes!)
-Chip (Anything crunchy (pretzel, cracker) is a chip.)
-When she's walking somewhere and wants someone to come with her, she walks in rhythm and chants "walk, walk, walk!" or "march, march, march!"
-Happy, Happy, Happy!! (She has a cute gallop that goes along with this.  And when you tell her to say "Happy Birthday" she says, "Happy B-happy."

Garrett's always been a thankful kid, (thankfully), and Addie's picking up on it.  She says, "Thanks Mom" all the time now.  Tonight at dinner Paul kept getting things for her, and she'd say, "Thanks mom."  It secretly made me happy because she would only say, "Hi Dad" for so long.
She loves Mickey Mouse.  And she's made me realize how often that little mouse pops up. Billboards, ads, clothes, etc.  She points and yells "Mouse!"

She puts her hands in the air and says, "Holla" but it comes out, "haha".

We taught both kids to say "Aww snap!" (The important things.) G says, "aww nap!" A says, "Aww mat!"

I love that the kids know that we pray, and remind us at meal and bed time to pray.  But Addie's in a phase right now where she wants to pray 4 or 5 times a meal.  Out of no where she'll put her food down and her hands together and say, "pray."  If we pretend we don't hear her she claps and with each clap she says, "pray, pray, pray!"  It's easier to just keep saying quick prayers.


Heidi Rogers said...

Precious. :)

Dana said...

Hahaha! Adorable. We thought we skipped the "NO" phase too... no such luck!