Saturday, February 23, 2013

project 365: 47-53

February 16- I started a new project and the kids wanted to help.  But letting them shake cans of spray paint was as messy as I was willing to let them get.
February 17- Garrett was so excited about getting up bright and early because he got to go on a train ride with Auntie Annie and Poppy to Santa Barbara for the day.  He reminded me several times the night before that he needed to wear his new 'choo choo hat'.
February 18- Taking a quick break from playing to have a drink.  The older they get, the more they feel like twins.
February 19- I spent so much time searching stores for all things circus/carnival for Garrett's last birthday.  Who knew I'd be doing it all again for a carnival themed fund raiser 5K that I'm helping out at?  At least I remember where to get all the good stuff.
February 20- I had an ignore the mess and dishes day for my birthday, and I read a book...a whole book, from cover to cover.  Then later I got a pedicure.
February 21- "Garrett. Let's go!  Garrett! ...Addie! GARRETT!! ADDISON!!!"  Gotta love the balloon decorator lady at Home Depot who thinks it's a great idea to give each kid a balloon as we're about to leave.  Especially when my hands were full of carts in who wont listen...  For a second I didn't know if we'd make it to the car.  And one of the balloons didn't make it to the car, which made it that much easier of a process.
February 22- I've seen this trolley around town since we moved to California.  Garrett loves it and always wants to ride in it.  I assumed it was some private company that had their own schedule/tours or something but I couldn't ever find anything on it.  I even followed it for about 10 minutes a couple of weeks ago, but lost it in traffic.  I learned from Paul a couple of days ago that the trolley has quite a history in Whittier and that a man lives in it and drives it around.  And his dad owned it/lived in it before the son did, and then had a heart attach on it's steps several years ago and died.  It was parked on a street while we were out on a walk, so of course I headed right over and met the man who lives in it.  I told him how my son loves it, and we get excited when we see him driving around town.  Ralph (the owner) talked to us about the trolley/himself/his dad.  His dad was a big time activist here in Whittier, not sure what for.  A lot of things I guess, but it sounds like he was always stirring things up, and everyone knew who he was.  I was glad to finally meet him.  I almost asked if  I could pay him to take us for a ride.  But...the dude lives in it... and I could tell that house keeping wasn't one of his strong suits... and it was pretty clear that the trolley isn't equipped with a shower...  Really nice guy though.

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