Friday, February 8, 2013

Project 365: 30-39

January 30- Addie had her first real adjustment at the chiropractor.  She saw her Grandma get adjusted first and she started to cry before it was even her turn.  The adjust went fine, but she'd seen enough of this guy by the time we were leaving.  (10 days later, I'm happy to report that the day time fussiness has stopped and she's sleeping later in the morning.)
January 31- Garrett's going through a little phase right now, 3 weeks and counting, where he fights bedtime every night.  We've found a solution.  He gets to take all the stuffed animals he wants to bed with him, as well as a sippy cup of water.  He always has about 10 in there with him, including 2 that are bigger than him.  I go in a few minutes later and take them all out once he's fast asleep.
February 1- A peg board I'm working on for Addie's wall.  Room makeover pictures coming soon.
February 2- We heard a lot of rumbling in the parking lot this morning and Garrett and I found the cause.  The parking lot was full of Harley motorcycles.  And in the middle of the parking lot, all the owners were decked out in Harley jackets and gear, about to go into a funeral.  I think because I see 'traditional' funeral goers on a daily basis, I love the look of a 'non-traditional' crowd paying their respects.
February 3- A budding friendship at our Super Bowl party.
February 4- My mother in law has high hopes of getting some cute Valentine's Day pictures of Addie and these hearts.  We all helped write on them...we'll see how it goes. Or if it goes...
February 5- We're at a critical time on our lives where we need to find replacements/fill-ins for both kids' snuggle buggles.  The two we have are so dirty and so warn out.
February 6- The kids got a lot of duplicate toys for their birthdays and Christmas.  I keep thinking we need to get rid of some (and we do), but most days I'm thankful for two strollers, two shopping carts, two train sets... I'll teach them to share later.
February 7- This was a good day for Garrett.  I had two friends stop by, and Grandma White babysat while I went to an appointment.  There was a lot of cooking and entertaining going on in the play kitchen.  I love how he uses a hot pad to open the oven door.  Such a careful chef.
February 8- It was hailing so bad this morning.  Garrett took advantage of the storm and turned the hail into blue raspberry snow cones!

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