Friday, February 22, 2013

Addie's 15 month well-check

Garrett went to breakfast with Bapa White this morning, while I took Addie to a check-up.
This girl does not like the doctor.  She cried on the scale.  She cried while getting her ears checked.  She cried while getting her head measured.  She cried when a nurse smiled at her.  She cried if there was anyone in the room but she and I.  And even then, it was rocky.

This is new for me, because even though I remember Garrett being very aware and even skeptical of what was happening at the doc when he was younger, he's always been very quite and willing to cooperate.

She's in the 50%ile or both height and weight. 23lbs 5oz and 30 inches tall.  She's in the 95%ile for head circumference.  This was the same doctor who, when Addie's head was off the charts, looked at my head like it was a planet and said, "I see that it runs in the family."  She didn't have anything to say about it today.

This was the check-up where I had to fill out a little worksheet about milestones and development.  Does she walk? Does she run? Does she fall often?  Can she climb on furniture on her own?  Does she say more than 8 words?  Does she stack blocks?  Can she go to another room and get an item you ask for? etc. etc.  These would be easy to 'fudge' answers on, and the older my kids get the more I think these are kind of dumb and inaccurate, but whatever, I answer honestly, and don't pay much attention to tips, concerns, praise, or anything like that.  But this doctor is kind of a 'prove it' doctor.  Fortunately my skeptical, fussy daughter did everything the doctor asked of her.  Said a couple words, walked down the hall, and stood up without holding on to anything.  I think the reason she had her walk and stand was because I'd mentioned that her left foot turns in slightly.  The doctor said it's normal/hardly noticeable/will be naturally outgrown.  There was one area that Addie was 'borderline' on.  Problem Solving.  I answered 'not yet' to both: If something she wants is out of reach, (like while strapped in at the table) does she try to reach it with another item, like a spoon? and, If you draw back and forth on a paper and hand the crayon to her, does she draw with the same back and forth motion?  The doctor did both of these activities with Addie, and sure enough she tried to get closer to the sippy cup with a board book in her hand, and after the doctor drew back and forth on a sheet of paper, Addie gladly took the pen and also drew back and forth.  The doctor didn't say anything to me, just flipped to that page and changed my answers to 'Yes'.  Sorry doc.  I guess I'm just not giving her enough problems to solve.  Have I mentioned that I haven't found a doctor in California that I like??

We finished up with a couple immunizations and went home for a 3 hour nap.

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Heidi Rogers said...

That's a bummer that your pediatrician isn't great. :( Half the things they ask on those forms I haven't even attempted with my kids, and my doctor will sometimes rephrase them or think of another example to ask me about. Warning: at age 3 they ask if you play board games with your kid! Ha!