Thursday, February 14, 2013

love, love, love. (part 1)

I like Valentine's Day, a lot.  Not because of roses and chocolates.  In fact, the four stores I had to go to last night, that all had rows and piles of flowers and chocolates and little cardboard displays of Valentines day cards, kind of made me depressed.  Mostly men, looking stressed, trying to find the perfect bouquet of cheap red roses that look just like all the other ones... I don't like that part of the holiday.  The truth is, this day is so much more fun with kids.  And I told Paul, I want it do be a family love day for as long as possible.  I wont think about the day that is years off where my kids would rather be on dates than with me!

Paul had the day off because he's working Saturday, so it was even better.  When the kids got up I told them that it was Valentines day and that meant we were going to hug and kiss as much as possible today.  They both just stood there.  So I grabbed each of them and gave them big hugs and lots of kisses.  When I let go off Garrett, he threw his arms around me and gave me another big hug.

Paul and Addie went and got us all donuts for breakfast.  While we were eating, Addie started kissing Garrett's arm, and when he tried to get away, she chased him and kissed his back.  Then she walked back to her donut and kissed the plate.  Good.  She has the right idea.
Next up was an afternoon picnic at the beach.  It was the perfect day for the beach.  Sunny, warm, perfect breeze, not many people there, and the four of us all together.  This wasn't Addie's first trip to the beach, but it was her first trip since she started walking.  And wow, she hates sand on her feet, we quickly learned.  Quite the opposite of Garrett, who, within a couple of minutes had his shoes off, and was laying in it, sliding in it, and throwing handfuls of it all over himself.

She was ok if she was on the blanket.
She inched her toes to the edge...
Took one step off, and was right back on!

 While Dad and Addie cuddled on the blanket, Garrett and I played and played and played...

We must have filled the bucket a dozen times so Garrett could destroy it when we were done.

And we played frisbee.

Addie warmed up to the sand idea, as long as she could stay on the blanket.
 Garrett climbed the mountain of sand to get to the ocean on the way in, and he wanted to do it again to get out.  He kept saying, "Yay ME!" as he'd get higher and higher.  Once he made it to the top, he slid down the other side on his belly.

The beach always wipes the kids out.  See that skittle on her dress?  It's amazing how something she doesn't even eat can make such a mess on her face!
The kids stripped down on the porch and ran to the tub.  I hate sand in the house!  After a quick bath, they both slept for OVER FOUR HOURS!
It was such a fun morning and afternoon.  I'll finish up the day tomorrow.

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