Sunday, February 17, 2013

According to the kids...

According to Garrett:
-Trains are his favorite thing in the world right now.  He lines anything and everything up and calls it a choo choo.  Yesterday I had a row of cupcake shaped post-it notes stuck to the arm of the couch and he saw it and siad, "Mom! Choo choo cake!"
-On an episode of Phineas and Ferb about a giant jukebox, he kept saying, "Woah. Big Juice box."
-We record Phineas and Ferb and he gets to watch one episode a night after Lulu goes to bed.  When the episode ends and he wants to watch more, he hands me the 'remote' and casually says, "Mom, the mope."
-He doesn't lie much when he's done something mean to his sister, and when I catch him and he admits it, in order to attempt avoiding a punishment, he grabs her and kisses her.  She's usually trying to avoid him at this point and is often crying, but he doesn't give up.  The tackle/grab/pin-her-down to kiss her, probably causes more pain to her than whet ever he did to make her cry.  But it's cute.
-He loves walking around the house with one hand in a fist, arm going up and down, saying, "March! March! March!"  And if Addie will follow him it's even better.
-He can count to (almost) 10.  1-5 is perfect, but he's struggling with the S sound, so we stumble a little over 6 and 7, but get right back on track for 8, 9, 10.
-He's doing well with colors.
-He'll repeat the alphabet with me, but gets overwhelmed at the idea of doing it himself.
-He's in a phase that I wish would last for a long time, that if he needs me and I'm busy, he'll grab my cheeks and kiss me over and over.
-He has a dramatic fake shiver if it's even slightly cold, and a long, "Buurrrrrr" that goes with it.
-Addie thinks she's two, and when I ask her and she says "Two!" Garrett corrects her saying, "No Lu, ONE! Me two."
-When he toots he laughs and proudly announces, "toot!" or he blames someone else, "P.U. mom" "P.U. Lulu".
-He's started saying parts of the prayer with us.  He'll repeat a couple words out of each sentence.  He calls Jesus, "Jeez".  A couple nights ago he said, on his own, "bless police. bless Baby Will." (his cousin William)
-He tells me who he misses almost daily, "I miss Mimi.  I miss Baby Will.  I miss T." (He calls my brother Taylor T.)
-Because we live 'very near' to where most of the California family works, it's been confusing to him why he can't go visit them when we see them through a window or door when we're outside.  He's starting to get it, but asks when we head out for a walk, "Dad at work? Anne at work? Bapa at work?"
-Whenever I work on anything, sewing, painting, etc. he'll watch for a minute, then say "cute" and walk away.

According to Addie:
-Yeah, she thinks she's two.
-She says hi to everyone.  And if strangers don't respond it turns to, "hi, Hi, HI, HIII DAD!!"
-When she's upset or tired or wants something she always says yells, "Mama!"
-When she's happy or excited, its, "DAD!!" ...whatever.
-She loves saying hi to whoever I'm on the phone with.
-When she's done eating she's starting to learn that you don't drop your plate on the floor.  She does sign language for 'done' and a couple days ago started saying 'all done' but it sounds like, "Aw none."
-She stores food in her cheek, mostly at snack time, when the kids are sharing crackers or apples, and the way I know when she is doing it, (aside from the chipmunk cheeks) is I make her say "more" instead of just accepting the sign language for it.  A little food usually sneaks out as she carefully tries to say, "Mow-aw"

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Dana said...

So cute!!! I can finally say Jason is catching up to Garett in speech, and I wish we could get them together and see them "talk" to each other!! Maybe in May?? Miss you friend.