Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project 365: 8-15

January 8- My mom had gone home and Garrett wanted to go see the new puppy (baby woof), so we did.  And before heading home, we all took an evening dip in the hot tub.
January 9- Just after getting home from the hot tub soak, Addie had a little fall and lost a tooth.  So, after a night in the ER, this day was spent at the dentist and pediatrician.
January 10- Tangelos are in season right now and my Poppy-in-law (Paul's Grandpa) has a couple of trees exploding with them.  They can't be picked fast enough, so it's the perfect time to juice.  Tangelos are kind of a mix between tangerines and oranges.  Super juicy and yummy.
January 11- Addie has started waking Garrett up when she's bored, so we're very aware of using the security gate when she's up and he's not.  They're good at bugging each other, but the amount they love each other makes up for the hard times.
January 12- My friend, Kim, is having a baby girl next month.  She's doing a nautical nursery.  Such a fun idea for a girl.  I'd looked at the couple of pictures she'd posted on FB of the crib mobile, and also checked her pinterest nursery board, and came up with a couple of things to make to match the theme.  A photo display block, and a baby snuggler.  The snuggler is a rice bag to heat and warm the spot before laying baby down, and/or contour next to your swaddled baby so it feels like warm mamma's arm.  Then everyone sleeps! (ha...ha)
January 13- Paul took the kids to his folks' house for the day because I had a long list hanging over my hard of half done projects that I wanted to finish.  I wasn't feeling too motivated when they left, but I got busy and completed 5 of the 7 things on my list, and started a new one.  It felt so good to get things done!  I found this table several months ago at the side of the road.  It used to have a glass top I'm assuming, but it wasn't with the table.  I measured the spot and had Home Depot cut a dry erase board for a couple of bucks, then I cleaned and  primed it.  Then it sat in my craft room for months... I finally spray painted the table.  It's not in perfect shape, but it's perfect for the kids to draw on, play with trains, and it has a shelf underneath, and we always need more toy storage space.  I like how it turned out.
January 14- I'm trying to update some photo walls and I was painting frames.  Garrett always wants to help. He found this doodle pal monkey that he got for Christmas so I let him go to town.  It's kind of a stupid idea.  And I'm sure now he thinks coloring on stuffed animals is ok.  That monkey will soon disappear from our lives and I'm sure he won't miss it.
January 15- Paul works Saturday, so he had this day off.  We went to Old town Orange and walked around.  Then we had lunch at Choo Choo Ruby's.  (The Ruby's diner at the Orange train station.)  Garrett loves it there.  Here is my family outside my favorite shop at the circle, Heavenly Hostess.  Addie is loving her foot freedom, and is shockingly fast.  Paul and I laugh at how well she already keeps up with Garrett.

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Sarah Knight said...

I am so jealous of the tangelos!! I HATE the fruit (especially citrus) here! Too bad growing up in So Cal spoiled me FOREVER! Fruit will never taste good again. :(