Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phone and Camera Photo Dump

I have a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago that I never posted because they were on my camera but the battery died and I couldn't find the charger.  There's also a few phone pics mixed in.  Some of these go back to Christmas/New Years.  Speaking of Christmas, tonight I took a while and listened to all my unlistened to voice mails, the oldest one was left on December 27th.  I need to work on that.
 So tired, but not wanting to miss out on Mimi time.
 Our classy 'fireplace' from Christmas Eve.

 Handsome little dude.  Pretty little girl.

 Learning animal sounds on the iphone.
 This girl is always putting things on her head.

 Rubbing her belly at a restaurant and saying . "num, num, num."
 Garrett made cucumber teeth at Ruby's.
This almost never happens so I have to capture it when it does.

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