Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project 365: 24-29

January 24- Paul had a booth set up at the Whittier Chamber of Commerce Business Expo this evening.  I wasn't going to take the kids because I was getting ready to leave town, and knew I'd be busy.  Turns out I was too busy to make dinner and I knew all of Whittier's best restaurants would be there serving free food.  Perfect!  The food didn't disappoint, and Paul got to show off the kids.  And the kids got lots of treats and free stuff.
January 25- Garrett and I hit the road at 6AM for St. George.  He was perfect on the drive, so I let him pick where we went for lunch.  It was this day that I decided I really don't like anything at McDonald's.
January 26- The reason for our St. George trip was for a baby shower for Taylor and Samira.  I dressed Garrett to 'blend in'.
January 27-  Baby Will is home but he's on strict visitor rules.  No little kids can be near him till after flu season, so Garrett only got to see him through the window.  We stopped to say good-bye and they gave each other a 'favorite cousins' high five.
January 28- This was a little slice of heaven for Garrett.  Watching the planes take off and land at the Orange County airport.
January 29- It's getting warm again in Southern California.  By warm again, I mean from the 50's to the 70's/80's.  It feels like spring and I'm itching to do some spring cleaning.  With that comes de-junking, organizing and even so room re-dos.  Yesterday I decided to add some light pink stripes to Addie's dark brown wall.  I started at about 7:30PM, not thinking about bedtime.  So Paul moved her crib to our room so she wouldn't get high on the fumes.  I finished this morning and I really like it.  Now I want to change 3 or 4 more things in her room.  More on that later, I'm sure...

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