Saturday, January 5, 2013

One year, One month, Three weeks, (and a day)...

That's how old Addison is today.  I know, not normally an age you'd think to document.  But I woke up thinking this morning about Garrett turning one, learning his first words, attempting his first steps.  I thought to myself, "Addie's pretty close now to the age Garrett was when she was born and I still think of her as a little baby."  It made me curious, so I did the math and realized that today is the exact age Garrett was when I was at the hospital having Addie.

(UPDATE: I did the math again and realized I was off by a day...but close enough... No one ever accused me of being a mathematician.)

I expected so much of Garrett I feel.  When I think back about Addie being a baby, all the crying... from her AND me... telling Garrett 'no' and 'just a minute' so often when I was nursing... saying, "Garrett don't push that button!" when I was pumping...  Being tired... Being depressed...  Trying hard to have one on one time with him, but always feeling like a failure...  When I rewind to those times for Addie and I, for some reason I don't rewind Garrett a year.  When I think of those days, I still see him as an independent 2 year old. But he was barely one.  Not walking, not talking, not understanding who this loud addition to our home was, and why mom spent so much time with her.

He's a good kid.  He's so patient with me, and Paul, and Addie.  He has a loving heart.  He notices and cares about others. When I bribe him with a treat use the intensive program and he earns a treat, the first thing he does is ask for one for Wu (Lulu).  Sometimes he just gives his right to her and then reaches out for one for himself.  He always reminds us to pray.  If we ever forget 'kisses all around' after our night time family prayers he's the first to jump up and start kissing, then he makes sure everyone gets a kiss from everyone and then cheers when we all have.  I could go on and on about the loving things I see him do on a regular basis, and I'm sure I will, many times in the future, but for now I just want to remember how much I love him at this very moment. He's a wonderful son and big brother and I'm so very proud of him.

Pictures of Lulu from today...  Garrett was this age(!!).

"And me, mom!"
And back then... my baby boy, just after I had Addie...

I've been sitting here for an hour looking back at old pictures... It's going by too fast.  I love these kids.


Heidi Rogers said...

I think two days ago in Atticus' age is how old Langdon was when I gave birth to Atticus. I was just thinking about this as I wrote a 17-month post for Atticus tonight. I can't even imagine having another baby right now.

Dana said...

What a special post! Amazing to think he was that young when he became such an awesome big brother. Thanks for sharing (and isn't it wonderful and awful to look back at old pictures!? I cry every time).