Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Shower day for my nephew.

My nephew made it kind of hard to have his baby shower when the family had planned because he came before the shower date.  He spent three and a half months in the NICU, and during that time there was talk about when we could do one... if we should... maybe it would be best to just collect some money and send it to them... etc.  But I know that if I'd been through all my brother and sis in law have been through, I would welcome a traditional baby shower to make the new mom experience feel more... 'traditional', I guess, and just to have fun!

My cousin actually had the idea to bring the shower to them, because it will still be months before they can leave the house with the baby.  And with the family shower, ward shower, and friend shower all being postponed, and a few months of bed rest, coupled with a very early baby, they didn't have much to welcome baby home.

So, three moms/aunts, six siblings/cousins, and five kids/babies, all met in St. George to 'shower' Taylor and
Samira.  We rented 2 condos at my parents' time share, and it was so much fun.  I mostly just got pictures of the party, because it was essentially a shower sandwiched between two days of driving.  But well worth it!

I left Addie home, and Garrett and I hit the road at 6AM friday morning.  Easiest drive ever.  He watched a movie, then slept for a couple of hours, then pointed out all the biggest trucks.  We made our first and only stop in Mesquite, just 30 minutes away from St. George.

Friday night I bought dinner for Taylor and Samira and went alone to hang out with my nephew.  Garrett couldn't go with me because kids can't be near him until after flu season.  I even had to shower and put on clean clothes before going in the house, because I'd been with Garrett just before.  He's such a sweet little boy and he's been through so much all ready in such a short time.

(insert nonexistent picture of me holding and and looking lovingly into my nephews eyes.)

That night I hung out with my cousins laughing, talking and staying up way too late.  Garrett told me it was nigh, night time, and when that happens, you know it's late.

Saturday was the shower day.  Samira's mom stayed with the baby so Taylor could come too.  I had a lot of mustache stuff from Paul's birthday party, so I pulled the red stuff out, added lime and turquoise, and a couple 'little man' things and it turned out cute!

Party favors.  Candy in coordinating colors and a mustache bottle cap magnet.
 The candy bar guessing game.  I'll list the clues and answers at the bottom on the post.  My family is not a slower game family, but everyone really had fun with this one.
 A banner and t-shirt I made for W.

Everyone was laughing and talking as we ate.  And I'm pretty sure Garrett thought we were laughing at him, so he kept doing fancy dance moves to entertain us.

 And when he got board, he went back to his train.

Garrett loved helping with the presents.
 He went with his Grandma here to build a bear the day before we left, and made a monkey for baby Will.  It has a little recorded box thing in the hand that you push and it's Garrett saying, "Love you".  Garrett was SO excited to show Aunt Samira.  And then he was SO, SO sad when he realized he made the monkey for his cousin and not for himself.
To keep germs from spreading, everyone just agreed that only my mom and I would go in the house.  And I only went the one time.  After the shower we all went over to see him through the window.

Garrett finally gave in after a couple of late nights and no naps.
That night we stayed up again, too late, laughing and talking.  I love that I have so many cousins and that I have so much fun talking to any and all of them, even if a lot of time goes by between visits.  Garrett loved my cousins baby.
St. George fog, the morning we left.
 Garrett loved visiting "Baby Wiw", even just through the window.  We call this the favorite cousins high five.
 Garrett just just as well on the drive home.  We had a great trip together.

Here's the Candy Bar game:

1. Good News!  (I found a candy bar at a little candy store in Orange that actually sold a candy bar called 'Good News!'. I'd never seen that before.)
2. Big Hunk
3. Look!
4. Skor
5. Now and Later
6. Rocky Road
7. Chunky
8. Air Heads
9. Life savers
10. Sweetarts
11. Chicklets ( I found a pack of chickelts called 'Tiny Size')
12. Pay Day
13. Red Vines
14. Mike and Ike
15. Whatchamacallit
16. Zero
17. Mike Duds
18. Snickers
19. Rolo
20. Milkyway
21. Jelly Bellys
22. Fast break

There were a lot of versions on pinterest but this was the list I compiled and it was a lot of fun.  And everyone won.  I purchased all 22 candy bars and candy so everyone got to take some.

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