Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project 365- 16-23

January 16- The kids and I had some running around to do, and we ended it with a stop at PetSmart to see the fish and the puppies.  It's the best free entertainment.
January 17- This was one of those 'burnt muffins/box of cheerios dumped on the floor/really needed two things I left in my van, and my van's in the shop/broken dinner plate/I'm out of diet coke/I have a killer headache' kind of days.  So when Addie stood up on her seat, put one foot on her tray, and started blowing her lunch onto the carpet, I figured, "Aw, what the hell."
Day 18- Farmers Market Friday.  Supporting the locals at our small uptown market.
Day 19- Date night with Paul.  Chicken Box, Hone Depot, and we ended it with a frosty.  All before 8PM.  We're old.
Day 20- I tried something new.  I colored cake batter and backed a few cake pop balls.  Then I put one in each cupcake liner with more batter and baked them.  Kinda fun. Garrett thought they were cool.  It was for Paul's Aunt's birthday.
Day 21- Having breakfast while watching the inauguration on tv.
Day 22- I can't help but love the one bottom tooth shooting up. She's cute, but man this girl tested me all day today.  I told Paul it was a day that I felt like Lulu was determined to convince me that two kids are enough!
Day 23- I spent the morning making General Tsao's chicken and vegetables, and hot and sour soup for lunch for Paul.  I called him to see when he'd be here so I could steam the rice.  He told me he had a lunch appointment and he wouldn't be here.  (The one and only day I make lunch!)  And Wednesday nights are when I get a massage so we have dinner with Paul's parents.  I ate it myself and it was good!  Paul later told me he was meeting for lunch at a new place that he and I have been dying to try but haven't yet.  He was feeling so bad about going for the first time without me, so he was going to order lunch for me and bring it to me after his meeting.  What are the odds we'd both have a good idea for lunch on the same day??  Oh well.

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ErinandShane said...

One of the many reasons I love your blog: You're so real and down to earth. I love how you describe life in your corner of the Earth with your cute, cute family. Keep it up pretty lady!