Monday, July 30, 2012

splish splash

I love summers in the mid-70's.  And I love that my in-laws have a pool.  And I love that both of my kids love the water.


We had a pool party with 3 of Paul's high school friends and their wives and families.  There's only one friend that has a child and he's about 7 month's younger than Garrett and 6 months older than Addie.  There's also a friend with a baby on the way, really soon!  More play-dates!

Garrett gave the diving board a try... It took some coaching and gentle nudging, but he finally 'fell' into Paul's arms.  But he was a little pro at jumping from the side of the pool into the water.  He's part fish.

The men and the boys.

The sneaky picture with the 37 week pregnant mama sleeping in the hammock.  (I would kill someone if they did this to me.)

The whole group. (awake)

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