Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Trip to Utah: Part 3

We found out during our trip to Utah that my dad was going to be having surgery while we were there.  After some back and forth conversations with Paul we decided that the kids and I would stay a few extra days to be with my dad.  Grandkids are a great distraction when you're recovering and waiting for results.  Paul flew home the day after we got back from Bear Lake (Sunday the 24th) and then he flew back late on the 27th to drive back with us on Thursday the 28th.

It was nice to have nothing to do for a couple days after our Bear Lake trip.  Being at my parent's house, where they are the clear choice when it comes to playmates, I got my vacation from my vacation.

I helped with a bridal shower for my cousin Elizabeth.
We played at the park.

Garrett showed me his owie's.
We went to Wheeler Farm one afternoon.  Garrett thought every duck, every chicken, every animal, every tractor, every barn, every stick, and every rock was the coolest thing ever.  And my laid back Addie was happy just being along for the ride.

I love the bottom right of Garrett in the picture above.  Pure joy!

The kids and I spent an afternoon with my Grandma and Grandpa Garrett.  My Grandpa has a friend who lives just a couple blocks away who he helps garden with everyday.  My Grandpa had an immaculate garden when he lived and Sugar House and I think everyone knew that giving that up to move to their town home with a tiny yard in Centerville would be one of the hardest parts for him.  He met Bobby in his new ward and just asked one day if he'd be willing to let my grandpa come over and help out.  I think they've saved each others lives.  My grandpa has transformed an already beautiful garden into something incredible.  They also have ducks, chickens, quail and bees.  And my grandpa just does it because he loves it.  And he gets all the vegetables he needs!

Anyway, my Grandpa was on his way to Bobby's to do some watering and he asked if he could take Garrett.  My cute old fashioned Grandpa just sat Garrett in the front passenger seat of his car, belted him in, and they were off.  I probably should have insisted they take the car seat, but my grandpa was just so excited and Bobby lives so close that I just said a quick prayer that they'd be safe.

When they got back about an hour later, Garrett was SO excited!!!  I've never seen him try so hard to communicate everything he'd just seen.  Even though the only thing I understood was 'QUACK', I knew it must have been fun.  I'd never been to Bobby's and I knew when I saw this excitement that I'd be sad if I didn't get a picture of the 2 of them, so the next day I took Garrett back for some pictures.

I loved when Addie would grab my Grandma's hands.  Such well used hands with tiny brand new hands.  The pictures didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it was so cute.

Just before Paul flew into town, my dad got results from his surgery.  The doctor had said it was a text book procedure and that everything should be fine.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  Some cancer was found in a lymph node.  He went in for a CT scan on Saturday, and has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll know all we can know by Thursday and then treatment options will be discussed.  We almost stayed longer, but felt we needed to get the kids home and back in our routine.

The drive went better than expected, and although I said I'd never do it with both kids in one day again, we did.  We stopped in St. George, where Taylor and Samira are living now, and had a nice break.  I think that helped.  And I'm guessing that won't be the last time we do the drive in a day, so I won't say it again.

Home at last!  And still (mostly) happy!


Heidi Rogers said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad, Andrea. I hope treatment is successful and smooth.

Adrian said...

Great memories and pictures with Grandpa. You will cherish those. I am so sad about Blaine. He has always been my favorite uncle. (still is) I will keep him in my prayers. Please keep us updated.