Tuesday, July 24, 2012

more lazy summer days...

Addie is becoming more and more mobile.  She's a professional army crawler.  And she loves to play on her knees and try and stand up.  She's great at spinning on her belly.  And tonight she learned to go from tummy, to knees, to bum.  She also has strong big toes!  When she's in a hurry she 'launches' from her toes and belly flops forward, over and over.  It's so cute.

Auntie Annie just got back from Ireland and Scotland, and look how flippin' cute she made my kids!

Paul is wanting to get more creative in the kitchen...I'm not complaining.

We had another fun beach day with my friend and her boys.  Her boys are almost 5 and 7, but they are so cute with Garrett, and so patient with him when he doesn't understand how to do what they want to do.  They are great little friends and I love it.  When we go to their house to play, Garrett likes to stay in the living room to play so they bring ALL the toys to him.  A few days ago the oldest one picked up a toy and started to walk backwards with it towards the playroom, holding it out, and saying, "come on Garrett, come on."  His mom said, "what are you doing?!"  And he said, "I'm trying to lure him in!"  And it worked!  Garrett took the bate! :)  Such sweet kids.

My parents are in town for the week, and my brother and his wife came down from St. George for a couple days, so we're just having fun and enjoying the mild weather.  California weather isn't the worst thing in the world.

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