Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And...back to Utah.

We had something come up last minute that we needed to be in Utah for by the morning of Friday the 13th.  (Maybe more on that later.)  So I loaded us up Thursday and when Paul got off work we drove through the night and made it to Bountiful by 2:30am.

The kids were so good while I did laundry and packed.

We spent time with family for pretty much the whole (quick) weekend.

Paul tried some grilled watermelon.  Garrett waited for dinner to cook.  And of course, Uncles Dave and Scott spoiled Garrett.  This kid loves basketball, and he's not a bad shot either!

Paul and I grabbed dessert with the Mchenrys late Saturday night.  And we were on the road Sunday morning.

We stopped in Salt Lake for breakfast with the Elberts.

Then we stopped in Eagle Mountain to say good-bye to Scott and Laura and see all the work they've done on their house. (no pictures)

And we had dinner in St. George at Taylor and Samira's new place.  Tay cooked for us, and it was a nice pit stop.

All the stops made for a long day (15 hours), but with only one kid it wasn't too bad at all.  We left Garrett with Grammy and Grandpa since they already had a trip out here planned for later this week before we found out we had to go to Utah.  So they'll bring him home on Friday.

There was a down poor in St. George and Las Vegas.  I wish I'd taken pictures of the roads turned rivers in St. G but I was driving.  It was crazy!  These are pics from the freeway passing the strip.  It looks like a lake!  But it was just the sunset and the side of the road.
It was such a short trip and I'm so sick of that drive, but grateful it's doable with two kids and that we get to be with family as often as we do.  But we're taking a break from Utah...for a month.

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