Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

We had a very low-key 4th.  We stayed home in the morning and then went to the in-laws late afternoon.  I spent a bit of time thinking about what the day really is.  This year I have several friends and spouses of friends who are currently serving out of the country, and I found myself thinking about them, and the sacrifices so many make for our freedom.  

I also thought about past years and traditions.  Missing my grandparents house across from Sugar House park, where one of the biggest firework shows in Utah happens.  I missed hanging out with my cousins.  Watching everyone fight traffic while we sat on the lawn eating ice cream cones and doing sparklers while we waited for it to die down.  And missing the few years when I lived in the apartment above their house and I could just go upstairs and go to bed and listen to the cops yelling and directing traffic.  I remembered different friends and dates that I'd invite over the years to join me and the family.  Some good, some not so good.  Remind me to tell you about the year I had my friend call me and fake a car accident, so I could get out of a date I was already on, so I could go back and be with family.

Although I miss the good ol' days and simpler times, I'm pretty happy with how I've spent the past couple years.  No crowd fighting.  No sitting in the sun for hours.  Just fun with my little family.  Barbecue and peach pie. Playing in the water. And then snuggling my babies and having them in bed before the firework shows are even over.

My kids had plenty of clothes given to them this year to show their patriotism.  We had enough outfit changes throughout the day to rival a Lady Gaga concert.  Most changes weren't to show off the new clothes, though, more because of water, spit-up, tomato juice, dirt, etc...

 Addie loves the tree swing.  She was in it for about an hour and could have stayed longer.

Auntie Annie bought 5 baby ducks a couple of weeks ago for Grandma and Dude-pa's yard. (I think she mostly bought them because Garrett loves ducks.)  On Tuesday evening, G-ma and D-pa decided the ducks needed their own pond, and by the time we got there yesterday, it was mostly finished!  Garrett had a blast with the ducks, he was outside for hours.  And Addie didn't mind the baby ducks, either.

 Garrett loved throwing poppers.  And even though he walked around the house with his ears covered, he wasn't scared by the sound.  Addie wasn't bothered by it either.  They both just sat and watched and Dude-pa lit fireworks, and as we heard others throughout the city.

Happy 4th!

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