Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleep Update

Because I'm sure you're all losing some yourselves just wondering how we're doing.

I think I've mentioned before that Addison really isn't a bad sleeper. Most people would welcome a 4 month old that goes 7-8 hours at night without needing to eat. In fact, we were with some friends Sunday night and one of the moms of 3 kids asked about it, and when I told her Addie's usual pattern, she said, "Wow, you're lucky." Yet another reminder that I was totally spoiled with Garrett, and I need to cut Addie some slack.

That being said, I still needed a couple things to change.

Here's what we've done (and been through) the past week or so. We tried cry it out. She's not ready for that. She cried for a hour and a half before she finally gave in. Paul would go check on her. And at one point I even went for a drive. About 3 hours later she was up again crying for a hour. The next day I apologized to her all day and hoped I hadn't traumatized her for life.

We had another totally crappy night, where, for some reason it took us 5 hours and 50 minutes to get her to sleep. Can you even image?! We started at 8PM and I crawled in bed at 1:50AM. Then she was up at 6AM. Some things I may have been heard saying that night... Is it too late to send her back?? ... I think she might never sleep again... If I ever tell you I want another baby remind me about tonight...

However, MOST of the time, it takes about 45 minutes to get her deep asleep, and then we get about 8 hours before a need to feed. But once or twice in that 8 hours she stirs and needs a binky and is right back asleep in a few seconds. That's where my issue come in to play. I CAN NOT get back to sleep once she's been awake. I toss and turn and worry and think and get frustrated and wonder if she's really asleep...then 5 hours later when I FINALLY start to doze, she stirs again.

I was a walking zombie, and not giving Addison enough credit for how well she was doing.

Paul, on the other hand can practically sleep walk her binky to her and never actually fully wakes up. So, desperate times called for desperate measures. We are not co-sleepers. Nothing against it, just not for us. But, we (Paul) gave it a try. I got the boot by Addie. I slept on the couch for 4 nights in a row and Addie slept with Paul. That way he could quickly get her binky to her and NONE of us lost sleep. Each night it got a little better. Less stirring, less need for the binky, sleeping a little later before needing to eat. Last night I ventured back into our bed and she went back to the crib. She slept 9.5 hours before needing to eat, and no binky wake ups! She went right back to sleep after the feeding and 3 hours later is still asleep. I'm not optimistic enough to say she's fully sleep trained, but I can tell we're on the right path and have found what seems to work to keep us all sane.

So here's what we do now: Bath at 7-ish. Feed until close to 8. Unfortunately we can't get her to sleep during feedings anymore. :( She goes in the swing for about 20-30 minutes. That swing is a life saver! We pick her up when she's good and asleep. Swaddle her. (Yes, we've brought the swaddle back.) And put her to bed...sometimes she needs just a little to eat post-swaddle, but she stays calm and sleepy.

Garrett on the other hand, I'm convinced could sleep through a hurricane now. He didn't make a sound on either of the nights from hell. (Cry it out, and 6 hour marathon.)

Knock on wood.

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megantonesforever said...

Man that sounds pretty good. My linky boy has not slept 4 hours straight for 4 months now. I think it's his teeth,( who knows). I told tony last night, " I really don't know how to raise babies!"