Wednesday, April 25, 2012

puppies and babies

I love that babies have this magical power to make anyone feel all warm and gushy. Perfect strangers, doesn't matter the age, race, or gender... or 'look'...

I had to do a return at Home Depot today. Paul took Garrett with him this afternoon to pick up a grave marker, so Addie and I ran to do my return.

While getting my refund, Addie was in the cart in her carrier. I heard a man get in line behind me but I didn't look at him. I heard him throw out a 'what up dawg' to an employee that was standing near the exit. I finished and turned to pull the cart to walk away. The man behind me- he was black, had saggy jeans, a gold front tooth, and a backwards baseball hat. As I started to push the cart into the store, he said, "you have a very beautiful daughter, by the way."

We went to the paint section. (Because I'm gathering a few paint chips for a's not stealing.) I felt like the guy who was also checking out paint chips, was standing kinda close. I even felt like I was in his way a few times. I finally looked at him and he was looking at Addison smiling. He was an older white Grandpa type man, wearing a suit and tie. I smiled at him and he said, "what a pretty little girl."

Leaving the store a few minutes later with my (free) paint samples, there was a couple just outside the door. A tiny, short women, and a super tall Hispanic man with a totally shaved head, a long black gotee, a woman's face tattooed on his neck, those eye dot tattoos, and he was wearing what can best be described as an orange prison jumpsuit. As we walked past him, he loudly said, "Oohhh man! Look at that baby!! That baby is CUUUU-UTE!!!"

I laughed as we walked to the car. Such a diverse and complimentary day at the man warehouse, just me and my baby girl.

So, yesterday, Paul text me to tell me that Levi, one of the White's family dogs was sick. He was having a really hard time breathing. They had an x-ray done, and he had a huge tumor in his chest. :( We all met at the Vet to say good-bye to the puppy. Yes, he was almost 8 years old and about 250 pounds, but I've always referred to him and his sister as 'the puppies'.It was sad. (And just between you and me, I don't even really like those dogs.) Garrett loves them. We told him he was really sick and had to go bye-bye. I'm not sure he got it, but they sure had fun together for the last few minutes of Levi's life. Garrett fed him his last meal, a Whopper from Burger King. He rode him for a while. He blew him a kiss and said "Byeeee". When Levi left us to get his sedative, Garrett just stood at the door, all alone, staring at it.

Happy little Addie. How nice it would be to be totally oblivious to a situation once in a while.We all went to the room as they put him down. Even I cried. I'm not a dog person. But I'm fully aware that I married a dog person. And I'm fully aware that I gave birth to a dog person. We will have a dog (or dogs) someday. I just can't imagine how sad I'll be if we ever have to go through something like this and it's Garrett's dog.Good-bye, Levi.

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