Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The drive home

We got home from a 10 day trip to Utah last night. Well, me and the kids 10 days, Paul, less than one day.

He had a trip to Canada with his dad planned and I didn't want to stay in California while he was gone so my mom flew out and drove to Utah with us, then Paul flew in Sunday afternoon and we left yesterday morning.

There's so much to blog about, but right now, I'm just going to tell you about the drive from hell. I mean, the drive home.

Generally speaking the kids do just fine. We have some tired/grumpy/hungry/bored/poopy moments once in a while, but that's to be expected, and so far we've gotten along just fine. We always do the drive in one day. Only once in maybe 25-30 times have we stayed in Vegas, and that was just me, my mom, and Garrett. But that was mostly for me because I was over 8 months pregnant with Addison and couldn't sit any longer.

I won't go over every detail of the drive, although it's riveting. I'll just paint a little picture of the suffering Paul and I endured, bullet point style.
  • We forgot something and had to go back. (we weren't far, but still)
  • We had a last minute stop for breakfast with the Elberts (best part of the day), but that breakfast included two drink spills. One by Garrett, all over himself, and one by Addison, she's a grabby little one.
  • Garrett dropped a crushed cracker and spilled apple juice into my computer bag. (luckily no harm done.)
  • We started about 5 different movies for Garrett and he was bored out of his mind before 15 minutes into each one. He will only watch Shark Tale. I'm embarrassed to say I bet he's watched it 25 times since we turned him forward facing in his car seat. (at least 5 times yesterday) I hate that movie and I've never seen it. It has a siren sound at one part and I STILL think I'm getting pulled over every.single.time.
  • Garrett pooped 4 times between Cedar City and Las Vegas. Thankful for wipeable leather seats, because the diaper changers that happened in the car were not pretty.
  • There were a lot of tears from Bountiful to Vegas (from Garrett, Addie slept great), so we decided a break was in order so we did a little Bass Pro Shop wandering...watched the fish, played in the jeeps and boats, etc. That's when Addie decided it was her turn to poo. And that one poo was equal to the four of Garrett's combined. Which is why she's 'dressed' how she is in this picture.
  • Garrett would.not.eat. I got a tiny bit of fruit in him, and he finally got interested in some vanilla sandwich cookies, so I gave in. He 'ate' 4 or 5. Then I looked back and saw the stack of cookies...all he'd done was pull them apart, lick out the frosting and pile the cookie pieces on his lap.
  • The elevation changes were killer. Every time MY ears popped, Addison would SCREAM!!! I didn't want to take a crying picture, but don't let that happy face fool you.
  • They were both so tired but could not and would not sleep.
  • Addie got so worked up at one point that she started choking and she threw up so we had to do an emergency pull over.
  • I plugged my ears for probably 20 minutes at the end.
  • I almost made Paul pee in a bottle because of course he HAD to go right during the few seconds that both kids were asleep, and they ALWAYS wake up when we stop.
And then, 14 and a half hours later we were home. We each took a kid, changed diapers and put jammies on. They both were asleep within seconds of putting them down, literally, no feedings needed.

I swear I'll never do the drive with both kids in one day again.

We all four fly to Utah in three weeks. We'll see if I'm still singing the same tune after two hours in a plane with two under two.

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow about the trip, if my attitude is better.

I also need to tell you about Levi, the dog that is no more. Some crafty DIY stuff. The play room that right now, only exists in my head. Geez, I hate being behind...not to mention the kid's blogs.



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