Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Fun Day #1

Paul works one Saturday a month, and during the week that he works Saturday he gets a day off, and that day was today. We decided that we need a family fun day every month on that day off. We have fun doing things on the weekends but it's so much more fun on weekdays because there are about a bajillion less people out during the week.

We went to Naples Island and walked through the darling neighborhoods and dreamed about being millionaires and living in one of those homes on the water.Garrett splashed and ran around a fountain at a park.We found a super cute little outdoor cafe right on the beach and had lunch. I think Garrett loved eating outside. He was so happy and goofy, even though he was well overdue for a nap. (Although you can't see his happiness in the pictures. He's become even more of a camera hater the older he gets.)After lunch we walked over to Seal Beach and went to the end of the pier for ice cream at Ruby's. Both kids were zonked out before we even walked out of the cafe parking lot, and they stayed asleep until we got back from the pier and loaded them in the car.I always get cold by the water so I fail to think about sun screen. I really need to start remembering. Paul got the worst. Fortunately Addie was covered almost the whole time, but Garrett and I got a little sun kissed, too.

It was such a good day. And it ended with both kids bathed, in bed, and asleep before 8. Great day!

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