Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a full weekend. Busy, but fun.

Friday night after the kids were in bed I hid eggs and little gifts all over our living room. Paul pulled out a huge basket for Garrett to throw the eggs in because I didn't buy him one.

Saturday morning when we were all up and going we headed to the living room for the hunt. Garrett totally caught on so quick and spotted almost all the eggs on his own, and would carry them one by one to the huge basket and proudly toss them in. (55 eggs was too many. Not for Garrett, but I got a little bored.) Each egg only had one jelly bean in it, but they could have been empty and it would have been just as fun for him. He was so focused on finding the eggs that he couldn't care less about the extra little gifts. We got each kid a pee wee pillow pet, a couple books, and Garrett got a mini splash pool and some water toys. Even when there was an egg right by a gift and we'd say, "Garrett, look! A new book!" He'd grab the egg and leave the gift. But the 'grand prize' that was hidden in the guest room finally got his attention. We wanted to get him this for Christmas, but when we went back to buy it they were sold out and they finally got them back in a couple weeks ago so we grabbed one. (Costco) I swear the kid got more for Easter than he did for Christmas, and it won't be like this every year, but we just got a little carried away.Saturday night we had Paul's family over for a barbecue and an egg dying party. It was a success! We did silk transfer eggs with old ties and shirts, glitter polka dots, and kool aid eggs. I hate smelling vinegar and I didn't want Garrett to lick his fingers so we did the popular pinterest version this year. About 2/3 cup warm or cold water and a packet of kool aid. It's worked better than vinegar and food coloring! And it smelled fruity and delish! And I made cupcakes that were supposed to look like eggs.Yesterday morning we had breakfast and read the Resurrection story from the Bible. Later on we headed to Paul's parent's house for more festivities. There was an adult hunt with a cash prize for the first person to return with the basket with their name on it. (I found every one's but my own.) The kids got baskets full of books, toys, clothes and treats. And Garrett had his own little egg hunt.After nap time (which Garrett took part in and Addison did not, that girl didn't nap 5 minutes all day long, but she was happy all day long too, so I guess I can't complain) we had lunch. And Paul and his dad (and Addie) watched the Masters.Later when we got home we had some skype time with Grandma and Grandpa Greenhalgh and then put the kids to bed.

But just before putting Garrett down I had my little Easter victory that came after was too much candy and snacking- I had a bowl of salad to help myself come down from a sugar high and Garrett wanted a bite. I thought it would be two seconds of chewing and end with him picking pieces off his tongue and handing it to me. But we shared 2 bowls of salad together! He ate tons of cucumbers and some cabbage. If you don't know what a picky eater Garrett is you won't see this as much of a victory, but believe you me- I even did a victory lap after I put him to bed.

I had big plans of getting all kinds of darling pictures of the kids all cute and Eastery, but Garrett got wet in the pool and Addie peed all over herself before any fun pictures were taken. So Garrett looks like a hobo and Addie spent most of the day naked. And I just remind myself that they are 18 months and 5 months, and that not every moment will be picture perfect, but we still have fun, and I get over it.

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Heidi said...

Happy Easter!

I understand your victory dance. Just this morning I was thinking that maybe I should get up the energy to re-try mixing pureed vegetables into rolls and oatmeal for Langdon. :/