Saturday, September 24, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...and the Birthday Boy.

Since Garrett was about 5 months old, he's been fascinated with fish tanks. There's a restaurant across the street that has one that he loves. His pediatrician's office has one and he'll sit still uncharacteristically long and stare at it. And we've seen them at a few other places like Bass Pro Shoppe and Cabella's, and he loves watching them. I decided several months ago that we should get him a small aquarium for his birthday, and we actually did it.

But first, here's how we spent the day.

I got up and cooked him french toast to have it ready when I thought he'd be up, and of course he slept in til almost 10:00.He enjoyed his breakfast and he even had some apple sauce and WHOLE milk to wash it down. We gave him his first whole milk mixed with formula a couple days ago. I think the full transition will be pretty quick and easy.After a nap I decided I wanted a couple pictures in his birthday shirt. And of course he was not interested. I could get him to stand long enough for me to hold the camera up, then he'd laugh and squat to the floor.So we went outside and I had the GREAT idea to give him some blueberry licorice to chew on. Sounds cute (and clean), right? After about 5 seconds I realized what a mess I was in for. But I just let it happen. In the last picture (bottom right) you can see that he spotted my hiding place for it when I decided it was time to be done. (click on the collage to make it bigger)In the afternoon we got to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa out in Utah. We used a bigger monitor than usual and Garrett kept reaching forward trying to grab them. Maybe he thought they were really sitting in front of us. :)

After a second nap, he got his gift. (We'd set it up a few days ago in the guest room and left the door shut. We quietly moved it to his room while he was asleep.) I got the exact reaction I was hoping for. He was so excited! It was so fun to watch him point at the fish and tap the sides. He loves them. So hopefully it'll last and keep him happy when he's taking his time falling asleep.We went to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney for dinner. He got to see a lot more fish. He had some crayons for his appetizer. He enjoyed his very own dinner, Mac n Cheese, off the kids menu. And they sang to him and gave him a free sundae.We went to Grandma and Grandpa White's after for some presents and more dessert. Aunt Annie gave him books and DVDs in Hebrew that she got in Israel.And then the most excited part of the day, he WALKED! I think I mentioned on his blog that he's taken a few steps that I would more describe as little stomps as he lunges from person to person. But tonight he really walked! Paul and I both said it was like was was just saving it for his birthday to show off. I of course had left my camera in another room, and by the time I got it, he was done, so I missed the best of it. Here's a short video of a couple little steps. Hopefully I'll have a better one to post soon!

Paul and I are so blessed to have this wonderful little boy in our lives. He's a total joy. And while he won't remember a single thing about his busy, fun day, it was special for his dad and I to celebrate the one year mark of when our lives were forever changed, and we became parents.


Sarah Knight said...

So stinkin cute!

maranoelle said...

Gosh- it's so hard to believe that he's one already! What a fun year it's been being great friends with you guys and watching his progress. Love him like whoa. (and you guys too) :)