Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day in Utah...minus the labor.

We love a good excuse to get back to Utah for a visit. This time the good excuse was to see a new baby. (The baby we've been calling Garrett's future wife.) Some of our best friends out in Utah had a baby due on August 28th. We thought Labor Day would be the perfect weekend to go and meet the baby. So we went. Long story short, we got to spent time with our best friends, but the mama was in labor during our flight BACK to Long Beach last night, and the 'reason' we went to Utah was finally born 3 hours after we landed in California. :(We still had a great time...

The boys went golfing all day Saturday. Garrett and I went with my parents to Swiss Days. Super busy and pretty warm but I bought a few cute things. Saturday night my mom and I did a little more shopping for 2.0.Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at Auntie and Uncle Jon's. As always, yummy food! It was great to be with them. Auntie made this for Garrett for his birthday. I love it!After lunch we took Garrett to see his great Uncle's grave.Sunday night was a barbecue and games with our group of friends. I only got a couple pictures. The 2 preggos. Me, 7 months, and Kate, 9+ months.And the September Birthday bunch- Mara, Kate, Garrett, and "Baby E". The only name I forgot to have the cake lady put on the cake was Garrett's. Oopsie...I don't think he noticed though.Monday we went to breakfast with the same group. And Monday afternoon/evening we had a family party with my moms side. I only take pictures of Garrett anymore...I need to work on that. I'm pretty much nonexistent to G when my mom is around. He loves her so much. He just sat on this picnic table forever with his arms around her neck. So cute. That evening we hung out with my family for a while. Scott and Laura (my bro and sis in law) spoiled little 2.0.

Yesterday we spent the morning with my Grandma and Grandpa Garrett. My cute Grandpa played with, and followed Garrett all over the house.We had lunch at a little bbq joint my dads been wanting to try. We did a little more shopping. Then flew home last night.It always goes by too fast, but it was a fun little trip. And I'm just glad we'll be back in Utah in 3 weeks to see that baby girl!

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