Monday, September 12, 2011

kinda funny from march of this year.

I've been going through my pictures. Making myself totally overwhelmed with how many I've taken, and that I haven't printed anything for years. I'm thinking about the hundreds of dollars it'll cost to print them, and the hundreds of hours it'll take to catch up on scrap booking. And 'Go through pictures' isn't even on my 'To-Do before Nov. 1st' list. That's right, I've condensed my several to-do lists into one master (2 pages long) list. But I'm happy to say, even though Paul had to work this weekend, we still got to cross off- Move all holiday decor to new storage room, Set up Garrett's play area, and, Paint 2.0's nursery, from the list! (I'm looking forward to my massage tonight.) It was exhausting, but we're making progress!

Anyway, I came across these 2 funny pictures from March 19th of this year. I'd forgotten about this day, but seeing these reminded me, and made me laugh.

I'd just found out I was pregnant with 2.0. I was si-ick. I called Paul and asked him to go get me some ginger ale and crackers. He ran and got them, ran upstairs to drop them off, and ran back down to work. This is what I saw on the counter when I went to pour some ginger ale.

You know how some grocery stores print off coupons with your receipt? I don't pay attention much to them, but it seems they are usually for what you just bought, right? They assume you'll buy it again, so they give you a coupon for next time.

These were the only two items Paul bought:And this is the coupon that came with the receipt:Maybe it's not that funny, but in between throw up sessions I was kind of amused.

Anyway, today was Garrett's due date last year. I'm remembering back to the long week that followed, and the even longer 2 and a half days of labor after that long week. Can't believe my baby boy is almost one.

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Jes said...

Once all I got was Ben & Jerry's and I got a coupon for Midol.