Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Paul's grandpa had his 85th birthday on Saturday. We had a party for him at the in-laws. Paul's cousin Rachel was in town from Colorado for the weekend and it was great to see her. This was the first time she met Garrett.

The party went well. Rachel and I went to breakfast the next morning. I met some new extended family. Everyone loved Garrett. It was a fun weekend!

And a little fun fact that we figured out this weekend. On my mom's side there are 35 grandchildren and Garrett is the 35th great-grandchild, (we already knew that), and on Paul's mom's side there are 7 grandchildren and Garrett is the 7th great-grandchild. Cool, huh!?

Here are some pictures of the fun.

Meeting Rachel.Playing with Dad.The cupcakes and cakes I made for Poppy.The cutest baby ever, enjoying the party.Family pictures...well, some of the family.

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Jill said...

Andrea, HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE CUPCAKES?! With the flowers?!?! Amazing - so impressive. Very cool fact about Garrett being the 35th and 7th! Wow. Journal-worthy for sure!