Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The (boring) one about baby food.

I got a Beaba Babycook. I really love it. I've had it for almost a month, and I just used it for the first time yesterday. It's so easy to use.

I know I could make baby food without this little machine, but I don't know if I would if it wasn't this easy. All you do is cube the food, put it in the steamer basket, turn it on, and walk away. About 15 minutes later the steamer shuts off and the food is perfect. You dump it from the basket to the grinder, grind for about 10 seconds, scoop it to the freezers trays, and its done.After discounts and coupons I think we paid about $90 for it, but it'll pay for itself pretty quick!

This pack of Gerber food was a little over a dollar. I made 11 times this much food for $1.91, and mine is fresh and organic! I started with sweet potatoes and peas. I'm looking forward to trying other stuff. It also came with a recipe book that shows you different combinations of food to try. I'll get fancy in a month or so, but for now we're just trying one thing at a time every few days.

I will say though, last night I had a salad and I fed bites of avocado from it to Garrett for dinner. I'm looking forward to the day when he can eat what Paul and I are eating. Sometimes this feeding thing can be messy and time consuming. It's fun though.


Heidi said...

I had so much fun making baby food for Langdon, but after 5 months I was sooooo ready for him to just feed himself what we were eating. :)

ErinandShane said...

this wasn't boring!

Sarah said...

I plan to make Clara's baby food too. What are the little containers you used to store the food in?

it's me, andrea. said...

Sarah, they are the babies r us brand baby food freezer containers. I couldn't decide between these and the ice cube tray looking ones, but I like these because I can pop the food out and put it in ziplocs, or I can leave it in those and take them out one at a time.