Sunday, March 20, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Paul got a couple free tickets to the San Diego zoo that needed to be used by the end of March. So, yesterday morning we headed down and spent the day at the Zoo. It was so much fun. Garrett seemed to enjoy it too. We were there for five hours and we saw just about everything there was to see.Garrett's favorites were the elephants and the fish. He's such a people watcher so he was a lot more interested in watching other kids play and people walk by. But he was happy the whole time, so I'm not complaining!(Click the collages to make them bigger.)

We stayed at a hotel and came home this afternoon. We slept in, had breakfast at the hotel, Garrett and I took a nap, we did some shopping, wandered around a bit, and stopped for lunch on our was home. It was a great couple of days. Paul and I decided we need to do stuff like this more often. It's nice to get away!He's such an easy little guy to have around.


Melanie said...

I loved the San Diego Zoo, it kind of made me feel bad for most the animals at our sad little Hogle Zoo. Also... there is a certain zebra there that was instrumental in Justin and I meeting!

it's me, andrea. said...

That's so funny! I think we saw THE zebra. Paul tried to get me to take a picture of "it". I totally thought of you and Justin and I almost text you, but I forgot.