Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Utah Visitors and Utah Visit.

My brother, Scott, and his wife, Laura, came to visit for a week. It was so much fun to have them here! If I had to sum up their trip, I would say we shopped and we ate. My sister-in-law loves to shop and we spent a lot of time doing it. Antiques, clothes, decorations, more clothes... We also went to Balboa Island, Huntington Beach and Hollywood. We did Hollywood on Oscar day. We saw the red carpet, but we left before any stars arrived. We also spent a lot of the evenings watching TV and playing games. Such a fun week. I just love these two.
He loves the attention from Uncle Scott.All shopped out.What are you looking for G?!Loving the moby wrap."I'd like to thank the academy. But mostly I'd like to thank my mom for all the hard work she does for me..."It was weird going to Utah as a visitor. But it was a good trip. Garrett and I flew to Utah on Wednesday morning with Scott and Laura.Garrett did great on the flight. He slept during takeoff, ate and entertained the lady across the isle during the flight, and watched out the window during landing. I was a little worried about his first flight, but I didn't need to be, he did great.

Utah was full of time with family, friends, a new bed, and lots of baby boys.Hanging out with Uncle Dave.
Trying his first lemon at Applebee's. I'm so mean.
I spent an afternoon with Deborah and her brand new little man, Conner.Dad got to Utah friday evening and Garrett was so happy to see him.We had a barbecue with friends and we tried to get a picture of all our boys. Garrett, my little social butterfly wanted to hold hands with David and he was not having it. I love the faces on the boys in this little series of pictures.My mom made these fabric panels to fit in a room divider my dad and I built last year. I finally bought fabric and my mom made them. There are 3 total. I need to paint them and put hinges on them. I'm really happy with how they turned out. We also made a ton of dried fruit. Mangos, and peach, strawberry, and apricot fruit leather. Yummy and healthy.On our way out of town we stopped to see our friends, Matt and Dana, the best thing we got out of our bradley class. We spent 12 mondays with these two and it was so good to get to know them and become such good friends. And our little guys finally got to meet! They were born three weeks apart. I love their little J man, such a sweet little guy.
And if you made it this far, (congrats), I'll end with this video of Garrett getting scared and excited to see his dad. (Sorry its kind of dark.) Oh, and pics of our new bed coming soon.


Adrian said...

Can't believe how big he is already. He is a cutie!

maranoelle said...

No, I really can't even handle how big he is!!! April 21st can't come soon enough...

I'm so glad you guys were able to go back for a minute. :)