Wednesday, April 6, 2011

utah. very last minute.

Garrett and I just got back from a week in Utah. We didn't know we were going until last Tuesday afternoon and we left the next morning.My sister-in-laws sister works for jetblue, and she gave me a buddy pass. They didn't tell my mom we were coming so when we got there, Laura drove us to my mom's office. (Which is in my Uncle's house.) Scott called her when we were outside. I put Garrett in his car seat on the front porch and Laura and I hid behind the garage. Scott told my mom that he was having something delivered to her office. He told her he had just received a confirmation email that it had been delivered so he asked if she'd go check. She went upstairs and opened the door and Garrett was sitting there. I don't think she's ever been so surprised in her life. She just stood there looking at him. She finally said, "Are you Garrett!?" I took a picture of her face as she started crying. It was pretty awesome.We spent the whole week with family, besides a couple hours that I spent at The Wood Connection. It was relaxing and laid back. I didn't tell any friends I was in town because it was going to be a much shorter trip than it was, but because we were flying standby, we got bumped a couple times.Garrett tried oranges for the first time. Don't let this face fool you, he LOVED them.
We visited grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. Laura and I did crafts. My mom and I and her sisters worked on my grandparents 70th anniversary party that's happening in May. And we did a lot of talking. It was a really fun trip.

Garrett did great on both flights, and charmed all the flight attendants. On the way there we had our own row to spread out on, and on the way back we were on row 1, next to a couple who wanted to take G home with them. They even held him for a while. One flight attendant told him she loved him every time she walked by and he smiled at her every time. Another one sat down by me and said, "You have the happiest, most relaxed, perfect baby ever known to mankind." Nice compliment. Another passenger heard her say that and she asked if she could borrow him for her next flight so he could show her kids how they should behave on a plane. I guess I should stop getting nervous when we fly!

We missed 2 doctors appointments, one dentist appointment, one baby shower, one birthday party, and one chiropractic appointment while we were gone. So now we're playing catch-up!


maranoelle said...

sad! we were in utah at the same time! :(

Adrian said...

How fun for your Mom. I can just feel her excitment in that picture. My parents were telling me what a chill baby you had. That is so great. He is a doll.

ErinandShane said...

This is a good post, I love that you surprised your mom