Thursday, March 24, 2011

The zoo post that's all about the stroller.

Before I was a stroller owner I heard from 2 different moms that as soon as you own one, or are in the market for one, you spend a lot of time looking at other peoples strollers. I thought it sounded crazy, and maybe it is, but I do it now.

We've stopped using the car seat attachment and have switched to the seat. Garrett loves being forward facing and seeing whats happening around him. I love the seat!

Our day at the zoo gave me more than enough stroller validation. I was really, really surprised at how many women talked about our stroller and how much they loved it. Paul even heard a couple guys talk about what a cool stroller it is. And I think one lady even woke up a couple koala bears because she was so excited about it.

I've seen a couple other strollers I like, and have even second guessed our choice a couple times, but after 5 hours of pushing it around, I felt good about it. It's the City Select Baby Jogger. It converts to a double stroller, so if we have another child while Garrett is still stroller age, it'll be great! It fits a car seat, a regular seat, or a bassinet. We almost bought the bassinet for it but I'm glad we didn't because the seat reclines at 4 levels and one of the levels is flat and ends up working like the bassinet would. You can do so many combinations: 2 car seats, 2 seats, a car seat and a seat, everything forward facing, everything back facing, one forward/one back facing, you get the idea.

The single car seat way. (when G was about 4 days old.)
The single seat way.And here are a few different combos. Our stroller is light gray. It comes in gray, black and red. I almost went with black but decided it might be too hot, and I think black fabric fades faster and looks old quicker. I knew I didn't want red, but I'm still a little worried about gray getting dirty. But, whatever. Baby stuff gets dirty.My only complaint about this stroller is that cup holders don't come standard. I kept forgetting to order them, but I finally did and I'm just waiting for them to come in.

So there's my unpaid plug for City Select. Any free stuff they'd like to send me as a thank you would be fine.

Also, San Diego Zoo stroller etiquette is MUCH better than Disneyland stroller etiquette. Just sayin.

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